Managed SOC vs. In-House SOC: Which is Right for Your Business?

Managed SOC

Cybersecurity is no longer a luxury for businesses; it is a necessity. As the digital environment becomes more complex and interconnected, the risks and challenges of cyber threats also increase. The security of any organisation’s data and systems has never been more critical. Cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication, businesses are faced with the challenge of effectively monitoring and responding to potential security incidents.

This is where the choice between a Managed SOC and an In-house SOC becomes a crucial decision.

This article will take you through the topic and examine the benefits of both Managed SOC and In-House SOC alternatives, giving you the information you need to make the best choice.

So what is a Managed SOC and In-house SOC?

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What is a Managed SOC?

A Managed SOC is a service provided by a third-party security provider that offers comprehensive security monitoring, analysis, and incident response capabilities. According to a recent report by Gartner, organisations that use SOC partners experience a 50% reduction in the average cost of a data breach. These providers leverage advanced technologies, experienced security analysts, and established processes to detect, investigate, and respond to security threats on behalf of their clients.

Transputec is a leading provider of Managed SOC services, offering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. With a team of highly skilled security analysts and state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, Transputec helps organisations enhance their security posture and mitigate cyber risks effectively.

What is a In-House SOC?

An in-house SOC (Security Operations Center) is a dedicated facility or team within an organisation that is responsible for monitoring, detecting, analysing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents and threats. Unlike a managed SOC, which is outsourced to a third-party provider, an in-house SOC is established and managed internally by the organisation itself.

However, building and maintaining an in-house SOC necessitates significant investments in talent, technology, and infrastructure. Recruiting and retaining skilled cybersecurity professionals can be challenging in a competitive job market, while the cost of acquiring and deploying sophisticated security tools can quickly escalate. Moreover, the time and resources required to establish an effective in-house SOC may detract from core business objectives and strain internal resources.

Comparison Between Managed SOC and In-house SOC

Here’s a comparison between Managed SOC and In-House SOC. This comparison offers a clear overview of the key differences, helping businesses make informed decisions based on their specific needs and priorities.

AspectManaged SOCIn-House SOC
OwnershipOutsourced to a third-party providerEstablished and managed internally by the organisation
Expertise Access to a team of dedicated security professionals with specialised skills and experienceRelies on internal staff, requiring recruitment and retention of cybersecurity talent
CostTypically offers a subscription-based model with predictable costsSubstantial upfront investments in talent, technology, and infrastructure, along with ongoing operational expenses
ScalabilityOffers scalability to adjust resources based on evolving threat landscapes and business needsLimited scalability, with constraints based on internal resources and budgets
Monitoring & ResponseProvides 24/7 monitoring and rapid incident response capabilities, leveraging advanced tools and technologiesRelies on internal resources for monitoring and incident response, potentially leading to delays
Compliance AssistanceAssists businesses in navigating compliance requirements through comprehensive security measures and reportingRequires internal efforts to ensure compliance, potentially leading to gaps or oversights
Focus on Core ObjectivesAllows organisations to focus on core business objectives without the burden of managing security operationsRequires allocation of internal resources and attention to security management, potentially diverting focus from strategic initiatives

Secure Your Future with Transputec's SOC Services

Transputec’s SOC operates 24/7, utilising advanced security tools and techniques to monitor, detect, and respond to security threats in real time. Through continuous threat hunting and incident response activities, Transputec’s security analysts ensure that potential threats are identified and neutralised before they can cause harm to the organisation.

Transputec is a premier SOC partner, offering comprehensive cybersecurity services. 

  • Threat Monitoring and Detection:

    Transputec’s SOC monitors network traffic, logs, and system activities for signs of suspicious behaviour or potential security breaches. By leveraging advanced threat detection technologies, such as SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), Transputec’s analysts can quickly identify and respond to security incidents.

  • Incident Response and Remediation:

    In the event of a security incident, Transputec’s SOC provides rapid incident response and remediation services. Security analysts work closely with clients to contain and mitigate the impact of security breaches, minimising downtime and disruption to business operations.

  • Threat Intelligence Integration:

    Transputec’s SOC leverages threat intelligence feeds from a variety of sources to stay ahead of emerging threats and vulnerabilities. By integrating threat intelligence into their security operations, Transputec’s analysts can better anticipate and respond to evolving cyber threats.

  • Compliance Management:

    Transputec’s SOC helps organisations maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards by providing continuous monitoring, auditing, and reporting capabilities. By ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements, Transputec helps clients avoid costly fines and penalties.

  • Proven Track Record and Expertise:

    Transputec has a demonstrable history of helping businesses of all sizes fend off cyber threats. Their team comprises highly skilled security analysts with deep experience in a wide range of cybersecurity disciplines.

  • Proactive Communication and Transparency: 

    Transputec values transparency, providing regular reports and updates on the state of your cybersecurity. They prioritise communication, collaborating with you every step of the way.

  • Customised Approach: 

    Transputec understands that every business has unique cybersecurity needs. They tailor their services to address your specific requirements, working closely with you to develop a security plan that aligns with your risk profile and your business objectives.


It is essential to select the appropriate SOC solution in the continuous fight against cyber threats to protect your company’s digital assets and reputation. Although in-house SOCs and managed SOC services both have special benefits, the choice ultimately comes down to the needs, resources, and risk tolerance of your company.

At Transputec, we understand the complexities of cybersecurity and offer tailored Managed SOC services to empower businesses with proactive threat detection and rapid incident response capabilities. Our team of seasoned security experts is dedicated to keeping your organisation safe from evolving cyber threats, allowing you to focus on achieving your strategic objectives with confidence.

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What is a Managed SOC, and how does it differ from an in-house SOC?

A Managed SOC is a cybersecurity service provided by specialised firms like Transputec, offering round-the-clock monitoring, threat detection, and incident response. In contrast, an in-house SOC is an internal security operation centre established and managed by the organisation itself.

How does a Managed SOC enhance cybersecurity posture?

A Managed SOC provides access to a team of dedicated security experts equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies. These experts analyse vast amounts of data in real time, swiftly identifying and mitigating potential threats before they escalate into full-scale attacks.

What are the cost implications of opting for Managed SOC services versus an in-house SOC?

Managed SOC services typically offer a more cost-effective solution compared to the substantial upfront and ongoing expenses associated with building and maintaining an in-house SOC. According to Gartner, organisations can achieve cost savings of up to 40% by outsourcing security operations to a Managed SOC provider.

How does a Managed SOC help businesses navigate compliance and regulatory requirements?

Managed SOC services help businesses navigate compliance challenges by implementing robust security measures and providing comprehensive reporting to demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements. This ensures that organisations remain compliant with industry-specific mandates governing data protection and privacy.

What are the key benefits of outsourcing security operations to a Managed SOC provider?

Outsourcing security operations to a Managed SOC provider offers several benefits, including access to expertise and scalability, 24/7 monitoring and response capabilities, compliance assistance, and the ability to focus on core business objectives without the burden of managing security operations internally.

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