iPad at work. Could iPad really have a useful impact on your business?

Please do not think about good looks or sleek styling because these aspects score no points for improved business use. The iPad has thousands of interesting business apps and most of them are completely free or inexpensive. Nowadays, this tablet is invading the Business World despite its old reputation as a consumer device.

The presence of the iPad in the corporate environment cannot be ignored by IT professionals who should address the challenge of providing access to network resources and integrating the device. When Apple has rolled out the 3rd Generation of the iPad, it had well predicted all improvements that businesses would have leverage immediately. The new improved Retina display which increases resolution to 2048×1536 pixels from 1024×768 pixels up to 40% greater saturation provides new opportunities for business users about visually based apps, particularly in customer interactions. The 4G data service represents a further metric for business users, especially for travellers. The faster data transmission will bring more benefits accessing corporate networks remotely and updating large amount of data to mailboxes.

There have been multiple sources that have discussed the opportunities that iPad brings to different industries – from Point-Of-Sale System and medical records, to inventory trackers, Cab screens or in-flight entertainment. The dictation capabilities added to the virtual keyboard of the new iPad could be considered a useful business tool as well. Moreover, creating a wireless presentation system using Apple devices in a corporate environment can be simply done using iOS 5 on the new iPad and old models and it also represents a valid tool.

In the final analysis, third-parts solutions enable IT professionals to manage and update different smartphone platforms which is beneficial for small and medium companies that do not utilize an established smartphone or tablet standard. The best example comes from Citrix Receiver App thanks to which users remotely access their desktops and use the software and tools they are used to securely while outside of the office.

Thus, the iPad can be taken into account as a very serious device that provides a wide range of excellent apps and extensive capabilities to cover all work requirements.

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