International Women’s Day at Transputec: Inspiring Inclusion and Celebrating Women’s Brilliance in Tech

International Women's Day at Transputec

We empower and encourage women and celebrate International Women’s Day at Transputec!

On International Women’s Day, we come together to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women across the globe in various spheres—social, economic, cultural, and political. It’s also a time to unite in our efforts to accelerate gender equality. This year’s theme, #InspireInclusion, underscores the importance of creating a more inclusive world for women everywhere.

In honour of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we reached out to women from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and age groups to share their perspectives on the significance of this day.

Hear how we are championing inclusion and empowering women to thrive on International Women’s Day at Transputec :

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“Being a woman is marked by continuous growth and development both professionally and personally. Having not worked in the Technology sector prior, I have seized opportunities for learning and personal growth, taking on new challenges and causes I believe in to broaden my skill set. Key highlights include successfully creating a professional Human Resources team for the business, leading initiatives, and overcoming challenges that have strengthened my problem-solving abilities.

For women aspiring to progress in their careers in the tech industry, my advice is to embrace continuous learning, seek mentorship, and proactively pursue opportunities for growth both inside and outside of business. Do not be afraid to voice your thoughts and ideas as this will inspire inclusion.”

Roann Etan, Head of Human Resources


“In my experience as a woman in the tech world, I’ve found that connecting with other women in the industry has been crucial. The support and encouragement from this community of women are amazing. We stick together, helping each other out whenever we can. Instead of competing, we focus on working together and lifting each other. This teamwork creates a positive environment where everyone can do their best and succeed. Together, we celebrate each other’s achievements and offer support during tough times. This unity not only helps us grow individually but also moves us all forward as women in tech.”

Pamila Khosla, Customer Success Officer


“It’s a widespread misconception that women lack natural talent in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. However, gender doesn’t dictate one’s ability or inclination towards STEM subjects. Women have played pivotal roles in STEM throughout history, debunking the notion that these fields are male-dominated. Embracing diversity in STEM is crucial as it combines a range of perspectives and expertise, enriching the field with new insights and innovation.

As a woman working in cybersecurity, I’ve personally enjoyed this journey of breaking barriers and contributing to the advancement of STEM fields. I advocate International Women’s Day at Transputec.”

Destiny Kalisa, Cyber Security Analyst


“For me, International Women’s Day is a moment to pause and think about where we stand and why. It’s a chance to appreciate the incredible contributions women have made to the world and to acknowledge that there’s still work to be done for all women to be treated equally. We can’t treat women as if they’re all the same because they’re not. As women in the tech industry, we have a special role to play.

Technology reaches everywhere, so we have the power to include everyone in our innovations and support women in tech every day, not just on March 8th.”

Kritika Sinha, User Experience Specialist

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“Since stepping into the role of marketing intern in September 2023, my journey at Transputec has been defined by both growth and inclusion. In these past months, I’ve not only honed my skills but also discovered the power of inclusion in fostering personal and professional development. Throughout my time here, I’ve learned the importance of taking risks and seeking assistance when needed, thanks to a culture of inclusivity that encourages open communication and collaboration. This environment has allowed me to voice my thoughts confidently and to contribute meaningfully to the team.

While facing challenges, particularly in building confidence and overcoming self-doubt, I’ve found strength in the supportive network of my remarkable colleagues. Their belief in me has been instrumental in my journey of self-discovery and empowerment. As I reflect on my growth journey, I’m inspired by the inclusive ethos of Transputec, where diversity is celebrated and every voice is valued. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of a team that not only embraces inclusion but also actively nurtures it, allowing me to thrive and contribute to our collective success. I look forward to continuing this journey of growth and inclusion alongside my supportive colleagues, as we work together to make a positive impact.”

Anneri Fourie, Marketing Executive

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“To aspiring women looking to progress their careers in the tech industry, I offer the following advice:

  • Embrace continuous learning by staying curious and committed to lifelong learning
  • Building a strong network: Networking is crucial in the tech industry. Connecting with professionals in your field provides opportunities, valuable support and mentorship. Professionals who have achieved success in the tech industry can provide valuable insights and perspectives.
  • Be confident and assertive: Share your ideas! Confidence and assertiveness are essential for success in any industry, including tech.”

Marlena Kubala, Business Account Manager

In addition to celebrating the achievements of our staff members, it’s important to recognise the broader impact of women in the tech industry. Countless trailblazers have shattered barriers and paved the way for future generations of women in STEM fields. From Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, to modern-day pioneers like Sheryl Sandberg and Susan Wojcicki, women have played pivotal roles in shaping the technological landscape. These remarkable individuals serve as inspirations and role models for women everywhere, demonstrating the limitless potential and boundless possibilities within the tech industry. Let’s celebrate their contributions and continue to champion diversity and inclusion in the world of technology.

Together, let’s continue to break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and inspire inclusion in the tech industry for generations to come.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day at Transputec, let’s continue to break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and build a more inclusive tech industry for generations to come.

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