Flexible resourcing: The right people on hand at the right time

An agile and nimble IT department is crucial in today’s business environment. Whether you’re an SME or large enterprise, it’s fair to say that the IT department is no longer viewed as a cost to your business but as a key strategic enabler. IT professionals have rightly been thrust into the centre of business strategy – so having the right mix of staff is vital. The success or failure of new business innovations or dealing with sudden increases in demand or dips in capacity is now largely dependent on successful IT delivery.

However, recruiting quality talent that fits into your business culture and price range can be a big ask. New employees come with training costs, liabilities and many overhead expenses. All this in a climate where all businesses are trying to keep headcount under control while boosting productivity.

According to a new survey by techUK, the representative body for the IT industry, there is a shortage of technology and digital skills that is affecting business leaders, owners and workers in some way, every single day. Half of the business leaders surveyed said their biggest struggle was competing with other businesses looking for the same IT skills. Put simply, there is a small talent pool and many businesses are feeling its impact when it comes to growing their business.

This is why more business leaders are turning to flexible resourcing to supplement their needs. As well as keeping overheads down and plugging the skills gap, strategic resourcing solutions offers:

  • Specialist skills. Ever changing advances in the tech sector means you will occasionally require the services of experts
  • Ad hoc projects and major rollouts. Flexible resourcing minimises the ramp-up time in assembling an additional workforce
  • Filling a gap. Backfill employees can ease the strain felt after staff departures, especially during restructuring
  • Removal of liabilities. Especially those associated with temporary staff ie EU legislation, IR35

If the prospect of short term recruitment for an interim project or major roll-out no longer appeals to you, Transputec would be delighted to offer you fast, reliable and strategic resourcing of specialist staff. We offer specialists in Server Infrastructure, Storage, Networking, End User, Trading Technologies, SAP, Microsoft Technologies, as well as several other areas.

As well as taking the burden off recruitment, our flexible resourcing service offers:

  • Skills and services tailored to supplement your existing teams
  • Flexible capacity to handle peaks of activity that can be easily scaled down when not needed
  • On-demand experience, skills and knowledge
  • Easy and fast deployment that fits seamlessly into your team and unique culture

Learn more about Transputec’s Flexible Resourcing here.

Contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you with your resourcing needs.

Shalen Sehgal
Services Director

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