Ensuring Business as Usual (or Unusual) During the Covid-19 Crisis

Ensuring Business as Usual (or Unusual) During the Covid-19 Crisis

Like most businesses we are not currently able to meet our customers face to face, so reliant on using collaboration and communication tools to support our remote engagement. In this time of disruption, it is crucial to continue to engage with clients and partners and to facilitate this our focus is on the following four areas.


As an award winning MSP with over 30 years’ experience, we have developed long-term, trusted relationships with our clients, so have a good foundation in place. If we did not have this pre Covid crisis, it would be infinitely more difficult to bridge that gap during this time. By putting in the groundwork daily, we have thankfully built strong relationships with clients and partners which is key to withstanding this crisis.


All businesses and organisations are having to adapt the way the way they work and thus we too need to adjust to a new way connecting with them. It is imperative we manage this shifting style of engagement, how and when they can be best contacted and how their teams may have changed. Only by listening and understanding our client’s current workplace practices and culture will we be able to fully engage and remain effective.


As expected, we are advocates of remote working software and cloud-based technologies and our clients are well equipped to easily transfer to collaborating online and running their businesses remotely. Whether that’s Microsoft Teams, AWS Cloud Services or our in-house crisis response App, Crisis Control, our Managed Services support enables our clients to be well set up and supported during these uncertain times.


Above all we all need to have empathy. We are really are in this together and we understand that our customers face the same challenges as us. It is vital that we work together to get through this and to move forward to a productive post Covid working relationship.

As an agile organisation, we are continuing to listen, learn and improve our working practices. As our customers around the world depend on us for IT services, security solutions and peace of mind, we have adapted our approach to ensure we can fully support all our clients. Our agility has so far proved successful, backed up by our customer satisfaction scores which support our goal of seamlessly delivering business as usual throughout the Covid crisis.

Stuart Salt
Services Director

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