Consumerization of IT: are we losing control?

It’s really amazing, the list of technologies individual end users are able to adopt without the need for the IT manager’s help or consent is certainly increasing. Clearly the iPhone and iPad craze has entered all of our workspaces and some companies are now embracing this technology, others are still fighting to understand how it will really work.

This consumerisation of IT is really going to have a significant effect to such an extent that the relationship between traditional IT and information workers will start to disappear as entire business units begin to make their own technology decisions. We’ve already seen Google Apps, Drop Box, MS 365 and other cloud services being used with IT management approval and this trend is on the increase!

Clearly we need a way to control this and there are tools that can assist. One worth a look at and available is from Fiberlink. These Mobile Device management tools exist to allow IT management to “take control” and offer guidance whilst still allowing the flexibility with the use of these devices.

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