Business Transformation via Bespoke In House Apps

Business Transformation via Bespoke In House Apps

The Brief

When one of our social housing provider clients asked for our assistance with issues they were experiencing with providing proactive communications to their user community about the IT services provisions, the Transputec team were only too happy to rise to the challenge.

The client’s existing IT services status reporting system was managed manually with various status reports collated and distributed daily via email to management. These emails often got buried, therefore didn’t always get noticed immediately and crucially, didn’t get sent to general users. This usually resulted in a high number of service tickets being created for already known issues. In short, the system was not working. Users were not engaging effectively with IT services nor was it an efficient process for the organisation.

With their user community complaining about the lack of information and visibility on service status and with no easy way to log calls other than via email or phone call, there was a clear need for a proactive system so crucial IT updates were not missed.

Bespoke Solutions

We pitched the idea of building a user centric mobile app to provide real time information and could deliver system availability status with push notifications. This way, all users would have visibility on information and issues on systems, anytime and anywhere.

To kick off, we created a pilot which was well received by the core IT team. We then extended it to add more user centric functions to enhance the overall user experience. These included:

  • Ability for users to be notified when services they are interested in are offline, undergoing maintenance or fully functional.
  • Ability to inform users about schedule of planned maintenance on those service that they are interested in.
  • Ability to create service tickets and get update notifications alerts from IT by integrating with the ITSM ticketing tool.
  • Ability to chase and post additional information about ongoing tickets from the app.
  • Ability for IT department to run anonymous sentiment surveys around specific services or overall services and make the results available on the app.
  • User to sign in using their network credentials single sign-on.

The reason this project was successful was that the end goal was 100% clear and we kept the end user at the heart of the whole process. The team worked closely with the client to ensure the people who were going to use the app were involved in creating its design, development and the services.

Every organisation can benefit from bespoke in house apps. Get in touch to talk to us about how we can provide you with your tailored business transformations solutions.

Abraham Atsbaha
Director, Application Development, Transputec

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