Service Desk and Support Manager, Anca Otet is Nominated for Manager of the Year

Anca Otet is Nominated for Manager of the Year

This may be a year like no other in the IT Support Services industry, but we are delighted that once again Transputec has made the shortlist for this year’s CRN Women in Channel Awards with the nomination of Service Desk and Support Manager, Anca Otet.

Anca’s background has always been in IT Services. Starting from the bottom, she rose through the ranks within the IT support environment becoming a Team Coordinator and progressing to a Supervisor, Service Desk Manager and now Service Desk and Support Manager at Transputec.

Anca explains what motivates her, how she always strives to continually learn and her views on what makes a good leader.

“One of the most significant challenges I have had to overcome in my career is that of progressing as a woman in a heavily male-dominated sector. I have felt the need to prove myself continuously, but this has resulted in a drive to deliver excellence in all that I do. I have two great role models, my Grandma who has always been a strong, direct and decisive woman and TED speaker and author Simon Sinek with his Golden Circle which is about how great leaders inspire their teams, by answering Why, How and What. I live by this philosophy.

I believe that learning should never stop, so I always seek out opportunities to develop and improve my skills – I am focused on continual improvement. I enjoy mentoring and leading a team, and hope to continue my steady rise in IT Services and mould the next generation of colleagues to attain a competitive advantage for Transputec. I am also passionately committed to developing and promoting more women in the technology sector.

In the current climate I think we are all questioning what makes a good leader. I believe a global leader is someone should inspire a grand vision to individuals and bring them into a purpose-driven collective to achieve a joint mission. The world needs more (women) models that bring honesty, forward-thinking, competency and inspiration to people as people look for a leader that knows what they are doing and can get the job done. Any business leader or manager should ideally embody these qualities.”

Anca is a subject matter expert in her field and as she has done numerous IT Support roles herself, she understands the challenges that her team’s face. She is tenacious, logical and above all remains calm (and courteous) in a crisis. Our IT services are award winning and that is due to our commitment to high standards and thorough processes. Anca exemplifies this in her professionalism, leading by example and setting the standard for her teams.

Service Desk Manager Michael reiterates this: “In the 2 years of working for Anca, she has helped to develop my managerial skills by demonstrating best practices, and explaining why things need to be done in a specific way, rather than just telling me they have to be done. This means I have a better understanding of the actions required and importantly how it relates to other areas of the business. Her support has helped me develop from managing a team on the service desk to managing the entire Service Desk.”

Amid the pandemic, it remains imperative to credit the industry’s female employees that are inspiring the next generation of women in the channel. This year, the awards are virtual but will continue to showcase the achievements of exceptional employees who can act as role models for young women considering a career in technology and specifically the Managed Services industry.

The CRN Women in Channel Awards will be broadcast on the 14th and 15th October and we wish Anca (and Tej Thandi who is also nominated for Sales Employee of the Year) the very best of luck from all the team at Transputec.

Stuart Salt
Services Director

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