Tangi Coatanea

Work Experience

Tangi Coatanea shared his thoughts on completion of her work experience with Transputec:

I joined Transputec as an intern in 2018. During the internship I mostly did testing for the development department while I did get some opportunities doing some development on a couple of projects. At the end of my internship I was offered a job that contained some element of development as well as some testing for other developers. Over the next three years of my time in Transputec, the development share in my work increased until I became a full-fledged developer.

Over my time at Transputec, I have worked both on internal projects and customer projects, helped with the design/creation of new applications, participated in deployments, extensions of existing applications, etc. This helped me get a good understanding of a software lifecycle. The most important thing is getting a foot through the door, starting as an intern helped get started in my new career. Finding a job at that time would have been difficult, but at the end of the internship, I had a job waiting for me!