Judith Kheir


Judith Kheir shared his thoughts on completion of his work experience with Transputec:

Hello! My name is Judith and I am a second year Master student of International Security at SciencesPo, Paris. In the midst of the unprecedented COVID-19 emergency, never would I have thought to have the possibility to intern at Crises Control. 

Despite the various hardships of teleworking, my experience has not been any less enriching; I spent quite some time on projects of different nature, and rotating my work within the marketing, management and sales department. Each of my colleagues have taken at heart my learning experience at Crises Control, and has never failed to include me, even at distance, in the company’s daily routines. 

While I am fairly new to the business world, I have been able to dive into it by undertaking interesting market analysis research, crafting customer success boosting programs, sharpening important communication skills, and learning to have a customer-centric stance.