Aajai Thind

Aajai Thind shared his thoughts on completion of his work experience with Transputec:

I undertook an enjoyable and educational week of work experience upon completing my GCSEs and during my Year 11 summer holidays at Transputec. Aspiring for a career in fields related but not exclusive to architecture, engineering or information technology, it was imperative for me to experience a professional environment, which could guide me further down future avenues and provide me with more resources to evaluate possible career options.

The week consisted of working with the following departments for a duration of 1 day each respectively: Finance, Sales Support, Development, Service Desk/Configuration and Warehouse. Offered to me were several thought-provoking opportunities. From coding using Python to configuring and building laptops and PCs, I practised several valuable skills that I had never done previously and also honed in on existing ones. Furthermore, I acquired a deeper understanding of Excel along with distribution and cost management, which will undoubtedly serve me well in further education and professional life.

This work experience placement has been of incredible value and I am grateful to all the staff at Transputec for being so welcoming and providing me with such tremendous insight. I highly recommend others interested in a career with Transputec or even curious to broaden their understanding into related fields to undertake a similar work experience programme.