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13 September 2011, UK, EUROPE, WORLDWIDE – Swissport International Ltd., based in Zurich, has picked Wembley-based Transputec Computers plc as the provider for their electronic air freight document management need worldwide, after using similarly provided systems at their Heathrow facilities for the previous eight years.

Transputec will initially deploy its SHIELD Intelefile system to twenty major Swissport stations in Europe and the United States by 2012, before expanding to all stations globally. SHIELD Intelefile was created expressly for the air freight business, where enormous amounts of paper-based paperwork remain prevalent.

Swissport International Ltd provides ground services for 3.2 million tonnes of cargo per year through 98 warehouses with a total floor area of over 360,000 square metres (not to mention the 100 million or so passengers) and employs approximately 35,000 people across 180 stations in 36 countries across five continents. “We are very happy to grant Transputec a worldwide contract,” said John Batten, the company’s EVP for Global Cargo.

SHIELD Intelefile has been utilized extremely effectively at Heathrow, assisting in the streamlining of logistics, the improvement of customer service, and the reduction of total administrative expenses. It is also the most realistic solution to the ever-changing issue of air freight paperwork compliance.”

“This is wonderful news for Transputec,” stated Transputec CEO Rickie Sehgal. The deal with Swissport builds on the success of our previous work and cements our continued engagement to innovate further in creating e-freight solutions.”

Transputec’s The Key player in IT Solutions

Transputec has been a prominent player in the IT business for over 30 years, receiving several honors and recognitions along the way. We have expertise in a variety of areas, and our business is focused on providing services that provide true value to our clients. 

This, combined with our Managed Services, cutting-edge software development divisions, professional services and delivery teams with expertise in Cloud, Cyber Security, and DevOps, makes us a one-stop shop for delivering IT solutions to organizations worldwide. We have offices in the United Kingdom, Spain, Eastern Europe, India, and the Philippines, and we serve consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Transputec is seeking a Senior Solutions Architect that will collaborate remotely with our professional services team to develop high-quality solutions. Occasional travel to meet with customers in person may be required.

Transputec provides award-winning Managed Services to over 400 progressive companies and organizations. We have the ability and capacity to deliver the specialized services you require to take your company ahead as one of the top MSPs in the UK, with over 30 years of experience. We are a reliable partner who will work with you to support your digital vision and strategy.

Transputec Services include, but are not limited to, the services listed below.

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