Amalia Brightley-Hodges talks to Rickie Sehgal

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Spring / Summer 2010 – Amalia Brightley-Hodges talks to Rickie Sehgal about growing a business with his brother from necessity to success.

Make IT Happens.

As someone whose entrepreneurism was born out of necessity, Rickie Sehgal is no stranger to big ideas backed by hard graft. From a young age he and his brother, Sonny, were responsible for helping their dad’s cosmetics business by stacking up their cars full of products and selling to anyone and everyone who was interested. A manufacturing chemist, their father developed formulas for all types of cosmetics such as shampoos, moisturisers and lotions etc but soon turned his hand to property development. However, he was constantly making losses on the properties and so Rickie and Sonny had to step in just to support the family.

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