Microsoft calls time on Windows XP and Office 2003

On the 9th of April 2012 Microsoft via the Windows Team Blog have taken the time to notify us that it is now two years until windows XP and Office 2003 are officially out of support and suggest that if customers still have windows XP and Office 2003 installed that it is time to start planning your migration to windows 7 and office 2010, in order to meet the demands modern users to provide a platform to work from anywhere at any time while companies have an increasing requirement to secure their data and increase flexibility, productivity and manageability.

With Windows 8 on the horizon many businesses will be tempted to wait however given that there are only 2 years remaining of support for Windows XP now is the time to be planning and testing the migration to Windows 7 as this will keep you in support, provide significant benefits to your employees and administrators and prepare your applications and infrastructure for supporting Windows 8 and beyond.

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How to run Windows on an Ipad

With all this consumerisation of IT and new devices coming out, I am constantly being asked can we use devices like Apple Ipad or Android tablets to run windows based applications. The simple answer is yes. Some people have already achieved this with simplistic ways like remote desktop where you are literally taking over a windows pc or a server and relaying the screen , mouse and keyboard information. However there are better ways where a more controlled option is available.

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VDI: does it really work?

The answer is simple, it really does for most scenarios. However there are some areas where VDI is simply not an option. There are other solutions that can offer the benefits of centralised management but offer the flexibility of "fat" computing. Solutions like Virtual Computer, who have introduced a new term now called Intelligent Desktop Virtualization (IDV). Before any successful VDI or IDV project its worth performing a pilot to see how it really works for you. There are some great options for pilots and its worth talking to your partner or our teams to figure out the options available for a "try before you buy" in this exciting area.

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IT Group Win Electronic Air Freight Documentation Contract

UK, EUROPE, WORLDWIDE - 13 September 2011 - After operating similarly supplied systems at their Heathrow offices for the past eight years, Zurich headquartered Swissport International Ltd., which principally operates in the ground handling field, has appointed Wembley based Transputec Computers plc as the provider for its electronic air freight document management requirement worldwide.

Initially Transputec will provide its SHIELD Intelefile system to the twenty major Swissport stations across Europe and the US by 2012 before being rolled out to all stations worldwide. SHIELD Intelefile was designed specifically for the air freight industry where large volumes of paper-based documentation continue to dominate.

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Amalia Brightley-Hodges talks to Rickie Sehgal

Spring / Summer 2010 - Amalia Brightley-Hodges talks to Rickie Sehgal about growing a business with his brother from necessity to success.

Make IT Happens.

As someone whose entrepreneurism was born out of necessity, Rickie Sehgal is no stranger to big ideas backed by hard graft. From a young age he and his brother, Sonny, were responsible for helping their dad’s cosmetics business by stacking up their cars full of products and selling to anyone and everyone who was interested. A manufacturing chemist, their father developed formulas for all types of cosmetics such as shampoos, moisturisers and lotions etc but soon turned his hand to property development. However, he was constantly making losses on the properties and so Rickie and Sonny had to step in just to support the family.

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