Storage Advances Help Make VDI Reality - Virtualization Review

According to research, desktop virtualisation (VDI) is one of the top three priorities for IT departments.

Businesses are trying to reduce thier management overheads, ensure security and compliance whilst deliver mobile desktop and applications services to multiple end-points (BYOD/ Consumerisation).  VDI is a big part of the solution.



Storage has historically been a bit of a bottleneck in achieving this - but there are more and more technologies today which help overcome this.


The article below gives a good insight into this... 


Storage Advances Help Make VDI Reality - Virtualization Review&nbsp

Storage Advances Help Make VDI RealityVirtualization ReviewAt VMworld 2012, Gartner predicted that storage costs will be a bottleneck in virtualization and VDI in one-third of organizations through 2016 and that most VDI deployments on existing stora ...

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