Database Administration as a Service (DBAaaS)

What is Database Administration as a Service (DBAaaS)

Database Administration as a Service (DBAaaS) is a remote database administration and support service, which provides customers access to expert DBA’s who will manage their databases. DBAaaS is delivered as a managed service, meaning our experts will take the responsibility of looking after your databases 24×7 ensuring optimum working state, improved database availability, performance and scalability. With our proactive monitoring, potential database issues are identified and addressed before they can turn into business disrupting problems.

Why Use DBAaaS?

All organisations depend upon IT in a critical way for their operations and functions. The amount of data that they collect and store is growing exponentially, year after year. This data is commonly in unstructured form (files) and structured form (databases).

The databases being used to handle crucial data and to support the business processes are of the utmost importance. These databases rely upon security, accessibility, and availability 24/7. It is therefore imperative that organisations have the capability of database administration in order to:

This means that in-house resources of Database Administrators (DBAs), where available, are constantly being strained to meet growing demands. For organizations without internal DBA resources, the challenges and risks are even greater. This, combined with being unable to stay on top of an ever-changing database technology landscape, has created a demand for specialist remote DBA services. 

Database Administration
Transputec really got under the skin of our business to develop this tailor-made product. We are a growing business and this portal was developed with our future ambitions in mind. The new system has huge capabilities and can be used for other areas of our business. As we grow, this sustainable bespoke platform will grow with us.

What are the Key Features & Benefits of using DBAaaS

Low cost of ownership

Outsourcing your database maintenance and tuning for daily operations could help cut costs in a number of areas, including operating costs, hiring costs, and overtime, and tooling training costs. Transputec gives you access to a cost-effective pool of expert DBAs, helping ensure your databases are running optimally at all times; all this without hiring any new resources or incurring any extra costs.

Increase agility

DBAaaS also increases the attention and focus on your database infrastructure, ensuring it is always fit for purpose and aligned to your business objectives.

Proactive vs reactive support

Internal employees have many priorities they must attend to each day. They do not have the time to do the long-term improvements in your database systems. On the other hand, third-party remote database management experts can assume the technical roles and focus on preventative maintenance, reviewing and identifying ways your systems can be improved to decrease downtime.

Access to high end expertise

The digital world is evolving at an alarming rate, and it is increasingly difficult for IT departments to cope with the changing requirements. DBAs are expected to respond to daily needs and might face challenges trying to stay up to date with the latest technology. Small in-house teams may not have sufficient expertise to support database functionalities or execute specific projects.

Enhanced continuity and burnout elimination

Many organizations are struggling to retain high numbers of DBAs, thus resulting in increased recruiting and training costs. Frequent DBA turnover and a lack of continuity makes IT knowledge difficult to transfer from one person to another, and hard to maintain this expertise across an organization. The best way to mitigate these types of disruptions is by hiring outside DBAs for support.

Compliance engineering

With the ever-changing policies in IT, it is often hard to keep track of policies especially around sensitive data. Transputec has a solid understanding of these policies and have over the years perfected tools to apply all the necessary compliance policies for you.

Enhance quality of service

We have designed DBAaaS to optimise and enhance the performance, security and availability of your database infrastructure. Our security cleared DBAs will get your database operating at its full potential, to support increased availability and workloads. The operational model is also fully ISO:27001 compliant.

DBA on demand

In emergency situations, it is important to have DBA expertise to advise and plan recovery procedures, repair corrupted logs to allow rollforward, repair operating system and file system errors.

Accelerate business outcomes

Database management is both expensive and time-consuming. DBAs are normally consumed with routine tasks which can hamper their productivity on projects, which may have a significant negative impact on a business.

Database Administration as a Service Options

We offer two type of DBAaaS, Standard and Premium

Our Standard DBAaaS service is designed to proactively monitor your databases remotely ensuring that all databases are running smoothly, and all necessary backups and scheduled jobs are running successfully.

The Standard DBAaaS service will give you the benefits of early detection and diagnosis, which will improve system reliability, availability and performance. It will also provide notification of failures or issues before your users know there is a problem and with guaranteed response times giving you peace of mind. Additionally, the monthly reports provide trend analysis and system recommendations (as necessary).

The Standard DBAaaS includes the following remote DBA service:


Our Premium DBAaaS service includes all the Standard service features as well as the following additional remote DBA functions:

Supported Platforms

premisePrivate CloudPublic Cloud
On PremisePrivate CloudPublic Cloud
(Azure, AWS)

Database Technology Supported

RelationalNoSQLCloud Native
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • MongoDB
  • Elasticsearch
  • AWS DynamoDB
  • Azure Cosmos
  • Azure SQL

What is included in our DBAaaS

Service Descriptionstandard1premium2
Custom queries & developer support
Query optimisation
Monitoring & troubleshooting
Maintaining backups and restore policies
Maintaining security mechanisms
Analysing and tuning performance
Support on the maintained databases during planned / unplanned system & hardware maintenance
Disaster recovery and high availability
Installation and provisioning of server
Preventative maintenance
Licence support
User management
Working hours support (8:00 am-6:00pm) Mon to Fri
24*7 support
Database development and modelling
Integrations services
Vulnerability assessments