Transputec provide consultants with specialist skills across a variety of domains to help you successfully realise the full potential of your technology and ensure that your IT operation effectively, efficiently and securely supports the continued growth of your business.

Our consultancy practice consists of technology experts employed by Transputec – top-tier technologists who’ve been hands-on delivering solutions on behalf of our customers for many years, working with the leading vendors and technology stacks – and a number of partner organisations who are specialist in their fields, including:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Business Transformation
  • Project & Programme Management
  • IT Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Cloud Integration
  • IT Security Consulting.
  • DevOps

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Our Approach in Consulting

Whilst we value structure and process, and believe that there is a right way to engage with our clients, we do not deploy an “out-of-the-box” generic methodology to overcome your challenges.

Experience has taught us that we must remain flexible and responsive to the nuances of every customer, recognising and embracing their individuality. Whilst fundamentally many businesses share the same challenges, and best practices are (by definition) a blue-print for doing things properly, that doesn’t mean the same solution applies in the same way to everyone.

We believe that technology supports and enables an organisation’s strategy and helps the organisation differentiate and create value. Our role as consultants is to help you ensure that that you continue to optimise the benefits of IT in a secure, efficient and effective manner.

Focus and Challenge

Irrespective of the nature of the challenge, the first step in our engagement model is to listen to our client to understand their objectives and to ensure we’re clear as to what they’re trying to achieve and why.

We take the time to understand your business and drivers for change, and to listen to and understand the specific problem you’re encountering.

Often much of this part of the engagement can be conducted before you’ve financially committed to anything with us to help develop a shared understanding of the objectives. For example, our cyber security consultants actively participate in the pre-sale cycle to ensure that we arrive at a clear statement of intent and an agreed route forwards.

From here we’re in a position to focus in on the real issues and challenge the thinking. Whether it’s a low-level technology-specific problem or a higher-level strategy question that needs addressing, this is where we delve into the detail to understand what’s really happening today and how that supports the goals and objectives of the organisation.

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Identify Solutions

Depending on the nature of the engagement this can take many forms. From modelling processes and mapping organisational structures to installing monitoring tools to capture capacity, utilisation and performance – our consultants will identify the approach and appropriate toolset to use in the earliest part of the engagement.

Solution options and recommendations will become apparent through this stage of the engagement. We will work with you to explore these and ensure that any firm recommendations are aligned to the organisation’s goals and objectives. Again, the nature of the recommendations will vary greatly depending on the type of engagement…but whatever is suggested, rest assured that our team has the knowledge and expertise to lead you to a successful outcome.

Why Transputec?

Technical Excellence

We’ve been providing IT solutions and services for over 30 years, across all business sectors. During that time we’ve acquired a huge amount of knowledge and expertise, we have recently become a global IT security consultant. For us it’s very rare to encounter a “new” problem and so we’re probably able to resolve your challenge more quickly and cost-efficiently that you figuring it out yourself.

Project & Service Experts

We deliver projects and services for a living, so we’d quickly lose customers and money if we’re not at our best. If you’re experiencing difficulties with your projects or IT operations, we most definitely have the capability and experience to help you.

Strength & Depth through Partnerships

We recognise that we can’t do everything ourselves. Over the years we’ve developed relationships with specialist organisations and independent consultants who bring to the table a wealth of expertise. This allows us to help you in areas outside of our core such as Business Transformation, Enterprise Architecture, Supply Chain Management and Sourcing.

Tailored Approach

We don’t believe in generic solutions or one-size-fits-all methodologies. We will work with you to construct the approach the specifically addresses your challenges.

Cost Effective

Due to our model, we’re able to offer consultants at substantially lower day-rates than the large consulting firms, without any compromise in quality. Additionally, by leveraging our collective experience you’ll solve problems more cost effectively than by spending many man-hours yourselves trying to figure things out – we’ll get it right first time!

Next Step

Irrespective of whether you’re faced with anything and everything between technology specific issues that you can’t fix to a full-blown review of your IT Strategy, simply contact us via phone or email, or fill in the form outlining your requirements and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

We will quickly get one of our consulting team out to you to commence the early stage discussions so that you’re clear about what we can do to help and what’s involved.

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