Transputec develops a bespoke solution for T&S Enterprises

Transputec develops a bespoke solution for T&S Enterprises

The Client

T&S Enterprises have been supplying fresh fish to professional kitchens in and around London for more than 20 years. From their factory in Wembley, north London, T&S Enterprises process, pack and daily deliver several tonnes of sustainably sourced seafood direct to customers’ doors.

The Challenges

T&S Enterprises received orders by phone, email and by voice mail. These were maintained using a combination of spreadsheets, printed forms and an A3 schedule form for collection, packing and delivering before entering to a Sage ERP system. It was manual, very labour intensive and error prone.

T&S recognised this and decided that an automated online ordering system would ensure all orders are accurately recorded and with integration to Sage. All their systems would then automatically be updated reducing data processing time, errors and providing up-to- date information both to management and customers.

Why Transputec?

Transputec explored every aspect of the operation to deliver the best solution for T&S Trading. They developed a single central order processing platform, enabling T&S staff and customers to create orders and for staff to push the order through the fulfilment process. T&S now have full visibility of all the orders created by both staff and customers. The portal integrates with the Sage 200 system for data transmission between the two systems at various points in the order fulfilment processes and also other internal operations.

T&S Operations Manager Carlos Da Conceicao: “The scope of the portal is bigger and better than we expected. This is thanks to Transputec’s understanding of our business, processes and workflow. They don’t give you a slightly altered off the shelf product but develop something that is truly bespoke and aligned to your business.

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