Transputec & Hotwire partnership creates seamless, uninterrupted service to clients

Transputec & Hotwire partnership creates seamless, uninterrupted service to clients

The Client

Hotwire is a rapidly-expanding global communications agency with several offices in Europe, including London as well as the US, UAE, Brazil and Australia. Its communications offer includes content marketing, digital marketing, brand development and public affairs. Its team of staff are ‘always on’ and rely heavily on mobile technology as well as office-based hardware.

The Challenges

Hotwire is an ambitious company which will have doubled in size by 2020. It recently opened offices in New York and Frankfurt, simultaneously. This posed a challenge for its small IT team so it needs an IT partner that supports its ambition to scale up in size and at the same time deliver a seamless uninterrupted service to its clients. Mobile Device Management is vital for a global company whose staff are often on the move and their extended corporate security perimeter must be secure against cyber attack.

Why Transputec?

Kalpesh Maisuria, Hotwire’s Head of IT:

“Transputec deliver when they say they’re going to deliver – it’s as simple as that. When we open a new office, it can be difficult to install, set up and orchestrate wireless solutions within tight timeframes. Transputec always step up to the plate, taking care of the curveballs effectively, removing any disruptions or downtime. By 2020 we will have doubled in size and as we grow, Transputec will on our journey with us – they’re like part of our core IT team.”


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