Why Successful Service Delivery Management Makes for Exceptional IT Services

What Makes a Successful Service Delivery Manager in IT Services

This month we are putting the spotlight on Vinod Mepani who is an experienced Service Delivery Manager at Transputec. Vinod has been working with us for over four years and here he shares his valuable insights on what it takes to be successful Service Delivery Manager and how he and his team deliver exceptional IT services.

What does a Service Delivery Manager do and how do you measure good service?

My main duties as a Service Delivery Manager are to ensure the IT services we are contracted to provide run to the highest standards and exceed our customer expectations.

Customer satisfaction KPI’s are a key part of our IT services strategy and through the Net Promoter Score system (NPS), an independent global measurement system, we can get a clear picture of what our customers think about our services. I am proud to say we have a Net Promoter Score of 80 which is considered “world-class”. To gather this data, we send out a survey which rates our service to all customers once their service ticket is resolved. We then use this feedback to see how our end user service is performing and how we can improve, and this information contributes to our Net Promoter Score.

I also ensure we are delivering to our client’s specified KPIs and SLAs. We measure the response and resolution times for all our service tickets. This allows us to see how reactive we are and if we are resolving user issues within the agreed timescales and to make improvements if required. Our monthly service review meetings also enable our clients to evaluate our service based on the monthly service reports, detailing whether we achieved or missed SLAs or KPIs.

My day-to-day tasks therefore vary from one day to another. One day I could be in meetings with clients discussing how to improve their IT services or resolving an IT issue and another I could be analysing data about our client’s support KPIs. I also get involved in rolling out digital transformation and infrastructure upgrade projects that impact my clients, and I am responsible for successfully transitioning any new IT services into my client base.

Has your role as a SDM changed since the shift to remote working, if so, how?

One of the main advantages of the being a Service Delivery Manager is that we can work from any location and still do the job efficiently, so working remotely did not impact my ability to carry out the role. The only thing I would say that the pandemic prevented was face to face meetings with clients, but with the help of Microsoft Teams we overcame that challenge, and everyone adapted quickly. The pandemic also enabled us to further support to our clients and their IT departments as their employees moved to working remotely.

How did you get into IT Services and what advice would you give to those looking to become a SDM?

My first steps into Service Management were as a Junior Service Delivery Manager working for IBM, I supported a senior SDM and together we managed a client in the finance sector. If anyone was looking to get into Service Management, I would advise them to take the same path as I did, become a Junior SDM and learn on the ground with someone with experience, as I believe this is best type of on the job training you can get to help develop the skills required to become a SDM. I have also developed my skills through the Transputec Academy which aims to transfer knowledge between people in the business and provides valuable training, learning and development.

What skills make a great Service Delivery Manager?

As a SDM I manage and deal with a wide range of clients, all with their own ways of working and demands, so I believe the two key skills you need are good people management and great communication. You must build solid, trusted relationships not only with your clients, but also with your colleagues to ensure everyone is striving to deliver above and beyond the service and support we are contracted to provide.

Communication is crucial as an SDM must communicate effectively across organisational and technical boundaries, understanding the context and to successfully react and respond to different challenges and scenarios.

How do you deliver exceptional service delivery to your clients?

I always have the best interests of my clients at the centre of everything I do. I work in way that I am working for my clients first and then Transputec. I understand what my client’s business goals are, how their organisation is set up, in short, I know my clients inside out. Overall, as a SDM my purpose is to make sure we deliver a best-in-class service and support and exceptional customer satisfaction. If my clients are happy, I am happy!

Vinod Mepani

Service Delivery Manager

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