Microsoft launches rollout of radical Office 365 updates

Microsoft launches rollout of radical Office 365 updates

Microsoft recently announced a major rollout of Office 365 updates in an unassuming blog post. For those of you who didn’t get the chance to read it, the tech giant said the changes were “inspired by the new culture of work and designed to deliver a balance of power and simplicity.”

Certainly, over the next few months, billions of Office users will experience updates for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.

Simplified command ribbon, new colours and icons and an enhanced search facility.

Since launching O365 in June 2011 the suite has gone from strength to strength. Microsoft originally aimed it at corporate users. With the release of Microsoft Office 2013, O365 set its sights beyond the corporate market to general consumers. MS achieved this with services like OneDrive: a key feature of Office 2013. In Q4 of the financial year 2017, O365 sales outstripped conventional Microsoft Office revenues for the first time.

Users can look forward to the following new features:

  • A simplified version of the ribbon: This aims to help users focus on their work and improve collaboration with others. Users of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows will have the richest experience through this update. Users who prefer the classic ribbon can revert back to it with one click.
  • New colours and icons: These will modernise the user experience and make it more accessible. They will first appear in the web version of Word for before they roll out to select insiders in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows. In July, they will go to Outlook for Windows. In August, they will begin rolling out to Outlook for Mac.
  • Better search: The search facility will provide access to commands, content, and people. The new “zero query search” function will allow richer interaction. A cursor placed in the search box to bring up recommendations powered by AI and the Microsoft Graph.

Why do so many SMEs resist moving to a new platform?

New platforms and data management solutions are usually driving the digital workplace. This makes many SMEs to resist moving to a new platform like O365. However, once they do, it will radically improve their legacy tools.

The reasons could be a false sense of security. Staff are familiar with their current platforms and perceive the costs and hassle of migrating data to a new platform. If current platform is working well enough, why change? The bare facts are that your business is not being as productive as it could be. Also, you will have to catch up with the new technology with legacy platforms. You will receive less and less support until that time comes.

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