Managing Employees’ Mobile Devices: Why Mobile Device Management is a No Brainer for Security Conscious Businesses

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Over the last few years, and especially so during the pandemic, businesses and their employees have become more reliant on mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, which often include personal devices. This generates a fresh set of challenges for IT teams that must attempt to balance end-user accessibility with increasingly comprehensive end point security. IT service providers are now turning to Mobile Device Management (MDM) to sustain employee productivity while delivering enhanced data and network security, as MDM becomes a vital software tool for agile organisations. 

So, what is Mobile Device Management (MDM)? 

Mobile Device Management is a service that enables IT teams to manage and control data, security, and policies across different mobile devices. MDM services combine device applications with built-in device management features and infrastructure to allow your organisation to remotely control, monitor, and enforce policies across all of your employees’ devices. 

Microsoft Intune MDM Provider 

Transputec has helped many clients get the maximum value out of their existing Microsoft 365/Office 365 investments by leveraging their Microsoft suite of products and using Microsoft Intune to deliver MDM.  

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service, part of Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager and works by integrating with Azure AD to control user access and Azure Information Protection for data protection. This enables employees to use MS solutions across all their devices, while keeping company information and data protected. Intune allows us to granularly manage our client’s end user devices – both personal and company owned, by enforcing policies, ensuring improved compliance and tighter security.  

Mobile Device Management for The Woodland Trust 

We recently worked with The Woodland Trust to leverage Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) which was included in their Microsoft 365 subscription. Working with their IT Team, we configured and packaged applications, tested, piloted, and deployed MDM across their employees’ devices. This allowed their teams to be more agile and productive by providing secure access to business apps on the go, anywhere, and anytime.  

Read the full Woodland Trust case study. 

10 Key Benefits of MDM 

  1. Manage multiple mobile platforms and operating systems from a single interface.  
  1. Ability to set rules and configure settings on personal, BYOD and organisation-owned devices to access data and networks. 
  1. Ensure all devices and apps are compliant with security requirements. IT teams can deliver and manage security policies, ensuring corporate network and data is secure.  
  1. Capacity to securely wipe only organisational data from a personal device based on conditions such as incorrect app PIN attempts, a lost/stolen device. or when an employee leaves the company. 
  1. Protect company information by controlling the way users’ access and share information and enforcing access requirements. 
  1. Apply data loss prevention policies without managing the user’s device. 
  1. Enable app protection on devices managed with third-party Unified Endpoint Management solutions.  
  1. Encrypt account data and restrict data transfer and copy-and-paste functions. 
  1. Configure account web links to open inside a managed browser, like Microsoft Edge. 
  1. Track, monitor and troubleshoot when there is an IT issue or a detected breach. 

As employees change jobs and the workforce becomes more fluid, the demand for IT services to provide support for this flow of employees and devices increases. Work and personal life boundaries have also become increasingly blurred with devices crossing over, so it’s critical for devices to be secure, managed, and company compliant. MDM does just this, providing a new way of working which meets the needs of both agile end-users and security conscious businesses. 

Get in touch today to discuss how MDM could be utilised across your organisation, putting you in control and giving you peace of mind. 

Stuart Salt 

Services Director 

Stuart Salt is the Director of Service for Transputec, an IT Services Company based in London. Stuart is responsible for all professional services and managed services delivered to Transputec’s clients and above all is passionate about the customer experience and digital transformation. 

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