Optimising IT Procurement: Five Critical Practices Often Overlooked

IT Procurement

In the race to stay technologically ahead, businesses often find themselves wrestling with a crucial, but overlooked challenge: IT procurement. 

Picture this – outdated equipment accumulating in corners, resources wasted on unnecessary upgrades, and the environment taking a hit from improper disposal. It’s a scenario that plays out far too often. But fear not, because this blog is here to shed light on five often-forgotten solutions that can revolutionise your IT procurement game. We’ll delve into the art of responsible disposal, the eco-friendly power of recycling, and the savvy strategy of capitalising on upgrade credits. Additionally, we’ll explore the rewarding practice of contributions and the potential for recouping investments through dispose-to-resell agents. 

IT Procurement: What is it?

IT procurement refers to the process of acquiring information technology (IT) goods and services necessary for an organisation’s operations. This includes everything from hardware, like computers and servers, to software licences, cloud services, and consulting services. But sometimes, amidst the hustle and bustle, we might overlook some great solutions. So, let’s take a moment to explore them.


Disposal in IT procurement refers to the process of properly getting rid of outdated or decommissioned IT equipment and assets. This could include computers, servers, networking equipment, and other hardware.

Proper disposal is crucial to prevent environmental harm and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Many electronics contain hazardous materials that can be harmful if not disposed of correctly.


Recycling involves taking old IT equipment and materials and processing them to extract valuable components that can be reused. This can include metals, plastics, and other materials.

Recycling helps reduce electronic waste, conserves natural resources, and minimises the environmental impact of IT disposal. It’s an eco-friendly approach that aligns with sustainability goals.

Redeployment and Capitalising on Credits for Upgrade

This involves assessing whether older equipment can be repurposed within the organisation. For instance, a computer that is no longer suitable for heavy processing tasks might still be useful for basic office work.

Capitalising on Credits

Some vendors or programs offer incentives or credits when upgrading equipment. This can involve trading in old hardware for discounts on new purchases, effectively reducing the overall cost of upgrading.


This refers to the practice of donating or contributing decommissioned IT equipment to charitable organisations, schools, or communities in need.

Contributions provide benefits to both the donating organisation and the recipients. It allows the donor to give back to the community, supports educational initiatives, and can also have tax benefits. For the recipients, it can provide access to technology they may not have had otherwise.

Dispose to Resell Agent

This involves engaging a third-party agent or service to handle the disposal of IT assets with the intention of reselling them.

This approach aims to recoup some of the initial investment by selling decommissioned equipment. While this might not yield the same returns as when the equipment was new, it can still provide some financial benefit to the organisation.

In Closing

It’s easy to overlook critical aspects that can have a profound impact on both your organisation and the environment. We’ve explored five often disregarded practices that can significantly enhance your approach to IT asset management.

From responsible disposal to the eco-conscious benefits of recycling, and the potential for cost savings through strategic redeployment and leveraging upgrade credits, these practices offer a holistic solution to IT procurement. Contributions to charitable causes not only benefit those in need, but also align with broader corporate responsibility goals.

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