Is it time to find a new IT services provider?

Is it time to find a new IT services provider
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Are you considering outsourcing or co-sourcing your internally provided services? Or, are you approaching end of your contract with your current provider and reviewing how much value they deliver back to your business? If you feel you have outgrown your Managed Services Provider or your internal team can no longer meet your business challenges and you are still not certain whether you need to switch to a new one, here are some key points to consider:

Why did you outsource in the first place or are considering outsourcing?

If you haven’t outsourced already, you will be looking at flexibility, delivery models, efficiency savings and business outcomes. If you have already done so, you probably signed a fairly simple and straightforward service level agreement several years ago to free up staff time and reduce costs. Since then, your business has grown and your current MSP has not scaled in line with your business.

You have now realised your requirements for second generation outsourcing are different to what you originally intended and modelled. Your business now needs more than daily maintenance and technical support to thrive in the digital economy and keep up with the new products, platforms and services that are being introduced at a rapid pace.

Additionally, the ever present threat of cybercrime means that robust defence from hackers is vital. You need a trusted advisor that offers a more long-term strategic partnership with a suite of cutting edge solutions at your disposal.

Are you concerned about the costs and complications in making the switch?

The perceived cost and hassle of switching often means that a lot of businesses stick to their current provider. You may also may be tied into annual or multi-year agreements which further reduce the likelihood of change. However, second generation outsourcing – the process of terminating your current provider and appointing a new one is not as difficult as you think.

What are the risks involved in switching to a new MSP?

Selecting a new provider and going through a traditional tender process can seem time consuming. However, due to the availability of information online, you can carry out your own research. With the increased adoption of Cloud services, contracts are also changing and there is more flexibility in contract durations. By drawing up a shortlist of potentially compatible MSPs, you can easily bypass the cumbersome request for information process.

What are the benefits of partnering with Transputec?

A good MSP like Transputec will get under the skin of your business to establish what your organisation’s needs are and provide you with an arsenal of tools and services to help drive competitive advantage in your sector.  We are an award-winning team, having been named MSP of the Year for two years running in the PCR awards. By partnering with Transputec, you can focus more on strategy, while knowing that you have a flexible, cost-effective team of experts to support you, delivering stable and consistent services aligned to innovative solutions and strategic thought leadership.

ServiceDesk: We have a 24x7x365 support operation that users can contact from anywhere, anytime, and which also has the capability to proactively monitor and fix problems with its servers, networks and applications as and when they arise.

Cloud Services: TransCloud provides our partners with an enterprise class cloud deployment environment with the ability and flexibility to manage resources with best of breed technology. Moving to TransCloud will provide you with expanded opportunities by ensuring you have the right technology that supports your transition to cloud and helps grow your cloud business.  

Cybersecurity: We are cybersecurity experts and will protect your network from hacker attacks with round the clock monitoring, resilient firewalls, real-time data backups and award winning antivirus software that we have developed ourselves.

Professional Services: Whether you’re looking for permanent or temporary recruitment solutions, or need to deliver specialist projects,  we can provide you with specialists in Project Management, technology migrations (both on premise or to the cloud) including Hyperconvergence, Server Infrastructure, Storage, Networking, End User, Trading Technologies,  Microsoft Technologies, AWS or any other area of IT within the timescales required.

For a confidential and informal discussion contact us on +44 (0) 20 8584 1400.
Stuart Salt
Director of Services

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