Introducing Crises Control – A secure web-based crisis management tool

Introducing Crises Control - A secure web-based crisis management tool

When a major business disruption occurs, it can cause a serious impact on the smooth-running of your business operations. No matter how prepared you are, the successful handling of a crisis relies on two key factors: effective decision-making and communicating these decisions to all affected parties.

Crises Control is a secure web-based crisis management tool. It provides oversight of the crisis lifecycle by using automated incident processes and targeted notifications. Crises Control has been devised to enable you to communicate with your key players using instant updates via our mobile app to guide you through every step of crisis resolution.

The data recorded by Crises Control then becomes invaluable to your business, enabling you to review and therefore improve your crisis management capabilities.

‘Crises Control’ is a crisis management application from the established IT service and solutions company ‘Transputec’. With over 30 years professional experience in innovative delivery of information technology based solutions, the company has successfully launched the ‘Crises Control’ App for Apple, Windows and Android devices.


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