How Cloud Infrastructure Services Can Improve Your Operations

How Cloud Infrastructure Services Can Improve Your Operations

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic. Combined with the impact of Brexit, the pandemic has disrupted business for organisations across a range of sectors, as 30% of wholesale, retail, and manufacturing businesses encountered supply chain issues, causing ramifications for businesses further down the supply chain. Furthermore, logistical hurdles and widespread staff absenteeism have forced businesses to be more agile in their operations.

Cloud infrastructure services providers have risen to the challenge of helping businesses to streamline their processes and revitalise their operations. In 2020, the UK’s share of the global cloud computing market was valued at 12 billion U.S. dollars (around 4% of the global market), and the UK is the largest cloud market in Europe, and demand for public cloud services continued to grow during the pandemic and beyond as companies adapt to new ways of working.

Cloud as a service providers support businesses of all shapes and sizes to:

  • Facilitate remote working with virtual desktops
  • Store data for backup and disaster recovery
  • Build scalable and affordable software infrastructure

In short, if you’re thinking of migrating your infrastructure, there’s never been a better time. Businesses that embrace cloud-based solutions enjoy a range of benefits, including:

Enhanced flexibility

Cloud-based applications virtual desktops enable your team to access everything they need to do their jobs wherever they are. In turn, businesses can adopt flexible working models, allowing their employees to work remotely or in hybrid workforces that divide their time between the home and office.

With the right cloud management solution, teams no longer encounter productivity loss when sales professionals are on the road or admin staff need to self-isolate.

Improved business continuity

The pandemic and a related increase in cyber-attacks has demonstrated that a business continuity plan is more important than ever. The cloud, with its secure data storage and remotely accessible IT applications can help keep operations running when disaster strikes.

Natural disasters, fires, flooding and cyber-attacks are much less likely to grind operations to a halt when all applications are immediately accessible through the cloud. The cloud also offers the ability to store data and backups in more than one location, meaning that an event local to the office will have limited impact on the business as a whole.

More cost-efficient

In the post-pandemic landscape, businesses face an uphill struggle to keep costs manageable. Cloud-based solutions save on overheads by eliminating the need to install and run costly on-site data centres or invest in expensive hardware. A trend report by Insight revealed that almost 80% of surveyed IT professionals said that they were saving money while also improving productivity and security.

Infinite scalability

Amidst the plethora of challenges, there are also great growth opportunities for canny businesses. However, with growth comes a strain on your company’s operational infrastructure. Traditional systems require on-site hardware and software solutions to be upgraded manually.

The cloud enables companies to quickly scale up provision in line with growth, and without incurring huge costs or facing business disruption. What’s more, businesses can also scale back their provision to reduce overheads and ease cash flow if their operations and revenues contract.

Unparalleled support

Cloud infrastructure services can be tailored to suit the individual needs, challenges, and pain points of any business. What’s more, cloud service providers are on hand to provide logistical and technical support at all times to minimise downtime and keep operations running.

According to Verizon, 77% of businesses feel that cloud computing gives their business a competitive advantage. With the right support, you can stay ahead of the pack without operational hassle.

Leveraging the cloud to improve your operations

At Transputec, we specialise in providing versatile cloud services for organisations around the world. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes to leverage the cloud, building and managing cloud and hybrid solutions around their needs and budgets.

We’ve helped businesses in a range of sectors improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate risk.

Whether you are undertaking a new digital transformation and migrating to the cloud, or are looking for a partner who can help you maximise your existing cloud infrastructure, Transputec can save you time, money, and hassle while helping to insulate your business against the risks of an uncertain future.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you leverage the cloud to improve your operations.

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