Government IT contracts: Levelling the playing field for SME suppliers

Government IT contracts: Levelling the playing field for SME suppliers

As one of the Government’s preferred IT suppliers, having secured a place on the new Technology Services 2 (TS2) Framework, Transputec is delighted to learn that the UK Government is about to launch a consultation on new measures to employ more SMEs. These include using transparency to encourage large businesses to employ more SMEs in the supply chain and improving visibility of opportunities available to companies like Transputec.

It’s great news that the Government is putting its money where its mouth is and levelling the playing field around supplier services. New figures from the Crown Commercial Service reveal that SMEs benefited from £12.2bn worth of central government spending in 2015/16. The total spend on public sector contracts awarded to SMEs is currently estimated at one pound in every four. That’s encouraging considering the initial proposed target was one in three by 2022. This signals a positive culture shift away from the usual suspects and creaking monolithic deals with large enterprises.

TS2 simplifies the procurement process for local, regional and national public organisations. It allows them to compare and contrast the technology services offered by all accredited suppliers. The bidding process for the TS2 framework required a great deal of effort to demonstrate our capabilities across all Lots. I’m extremely proud to say that we received 100% in the quality sections for each of the four Lots, as well as achieving very high scores on pricing.

This opens up our range of consultancy services and bespoke managed services to many more public sector organisations who we are excited to support on their service improvement and technological journey.

The benefits for government agencies of using more SMEs like Transputec are:

Value: We offer competitive and flexible pricing structures instead of expensive and restrictive legacy outsourcing deals

Innovation: In today’s marketplace, it is the innovation that sets suppliers apart from the competition. New idea and thought generation is our USP and we invest heavily in R&D teams who develop better and more efficient solutions and services for our clients.

Flexibility: In today’s market, the rate of change has never been faster. We are dynamic, flexible and agile, offering tailored solutions with a personalised service. We believe in early engagement with our clients.

Specialists: SMEs are renowned for being specialists. For example, Transputec has developed a range of technological solutions to tackle the ever-present threat to data and cyber security and the incoming GDPR.

The public sector faces numerous challenges when implementing emerging technologies and we have already worked with several public sector organisations including the larger Whitehall departments and their executive agencies. We offer a suite of solutions from document management to cybersecurity as a service, business continuity and GDPR awareness training.

Read our case study about how we helped the Ministry of Justice with mobile workstation security and collaboration services here.

Our range of services of use to government includes:

  • infrastructure, networks and security management
  • cybersecurity monitoring, testing and training
  • end user support through service desk services 
  • extensive network of hardware & software vendors
  • design, build, hosting, maintenance and support
  • development for all mobile platforms, servers and web
  • full managed services

Shalen Sehgal

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