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The Cyber Threat : how to mitigate the insider vulnerablities

Cyber security is a very hot topic for the airline industry right now, with British Airways, Delta Airlines and, most recently, Cathay Pacific all being targeted, compromising the personal data of hundreds of thousands of passengers. The threat of compensation claims, and regulatory fines is significant enough in itself, but of even greater risk is the potential threat of disruption to aviation infrastructure and to the security of airplanes in flight. Sonny Sehgal considers how airlines can respond to the threat. Download

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Protect yourself from an Office 365 data breach

Investigators tracking financial fraud are always told to follow the money trail to find the perpetrators. Cyber fraud investigators are now learning to follow the data to do exactly the same thing. More and more organisations are moving their data to the cloud, and where the data goes the hackers follow.

Without doubt the most widely used cloud-based application on the enterprise software market is the Windows Office 365 e-mail, storage and collaboration tool. There are now more than 60 million businesses using Office 365 globally, with another 50,000 being added each month.

Transputec wins Cloud Security Product of the Year – Large Enterprises for Threatspike

I am delighted to announce that Transputec has been awarded the title of Cloud Security Product of the Year for Large Enterprises in the Computing Magazine Cloud Excellence Awards 2018, for cutting edge cyber-security solution Threatspike.

BA Hack: It's Time to Prevent Your Company From Getting Hacked

BA admits through a memo that their cyber security system has been compromised.

With every passing day, it is becoming more evident that even the largest companies in the world are struggling to keep up with advancements in techniques used by hackers.

Unfortunately, the difficult position that BA finds itself in now has no easy solution. A leaked memo released by The Register shows management at BA were already considering outsourcing their security operations to a third party, suggesting that they felt their internal capabilities were no longer sufficient.

Business growth will make you more of a cyber security target

New research recently published by Gartner has found that despite 95% of CIO’s expecting cyber security threats to increase over the next three years, only 65% of them currently have a cyber security expert in place.

Transputec selects NAKIVO VM Backup & Replication to Boost Cloud Services’ Resilience

I’m delighted to announce that Transputec has selected NAKIVO Backup & Replication to ensure robust VM recovery and fast VM backup for our growing TransCloud customer base.