Transputec's Anca Otet Wins the CRN Women in Channel Award for Manager of the Year 2020!

CRN Women in Channel Awards

Service Desk and Support Manager, Anca Otet talks about her recent win at this year's CRN Women in Channel Awards.

"It is such a great honour to be named Manager of the Year, it was so unexpected, I was speechless when I first saw my name come on the screen! Firstly, I would like to pass on my thanks to the judges for choosing me for this year's Manager of the Year, I would also like to thank Stuart, Sonny and Rickie for nominating me, and of course my teams and colleagues.

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Service Desk and Support Manager, Anca Otet is Nominated for Manager of the Year

Nominated for Manager of the Year

This may be a year like no other in the IT Support Services industry, but we are delighted that once again Transputec has made the shortlist for this year's CRN Women in Channel Awards with the nomination of Service Desk and Support Manager, Anca Otet.

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Transputec Survey Shows Businesses Plan to Increase Spend on Digital Skills to Support Remote Working

Support Remote Working

As remote working moves further into the mainstream, most businesses expect to spend more in 2021 on digital skills training, IT infrastructure and cloud-enabled digital collaboration tools.

A new report from Transputec shows more than half of UK businesses (56%) are planning to increase their spending on digital skills training budgets for staff next year, in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

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Using Smart Cloud Services to Power Innovation and Accelerate Digital Transformation

Smart Cloud Services

Business of all sizes and sectors are turning to cloud services as cloud technology increasingly becomes a business differentiator rather than a business overhead. Managed services usually focus on cloud migration, infrastructure management and using the cloud to handle enterprise IT workloads; however, smart cloud solutions can offer so much more.

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Team Transputec Keeps on Walking to Fundraise for the Haven Charity

Haven Charity

Transputec prides itself on its commitment to charitable causes and is a long-standing corporate partner for the HAVEN Charity.

Haven is a UK based charity that provides community services for the underprivileged people of Atla Village, in West Bengal. Their work is transforming lives, giving villagers access to vital medical and care services at their community centre as well as educational opportunities via their learning centre, which now includes a Transputec Academy.

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Managing Your IT Services to Boost Productivity for Your Remote Workforce

Managing Your IT Services

The scale of employees currently working from home is unprecedented. Many people have never worked from home before for any length of time, and most companies have never experienced significant proportions of their workforce working remotely. Whilst many businesses plan to continue with a remote workforce for the foreseeable future, there is one part of your business that will face new and evolving challenges every day - your IT department.

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