What is Cyber Security as a Service?

In today’s world we are used to having third party security guards secure our physical buildings and offices to protect against intrusion, theft and false entry. This is accepted as a standard service. With Cyber Security now a top agenda item for the CIO, CTO and senior executives, isn’t it time we apply the same model to our digital assets.

Cyber Security as a Service delivers this 24/7 expertise without having to employ a full-time team of experts on your payroll. CSaaS is a software licensing and delivery model in which the software is provided on a subscription basis by the provider, in this case in the form of an appliance and agents that are plugged into the network core.

ThreatSpike Overview

  • ThreatSpike Wire is a flexible cyber security-as-a-service platform that enables enterprise grade security controls to be deployed, managed and upgraded across a global technology environment without the need for continuous investment in new hardware and software products that require time and resources to deploy.
  • ThreatSpike Wire works by analysing network traffic and data exchanged between devices, applying a policy to each in order to monitor their activity and implement security controls. The power of the platform comes from the ability for a centrally managed set of applications to define, and continuously redefine, the data they require from across an IT estate and then analyse this data, dictating the security controls that should be enforced at each endpoint.
  • This cycle of extracting information, processing it and then taking appropriate action allows the platform to implement any network security use case including web access control, network zoning, electronic communication monitoring, malware detection and automatic quarantining of compromised machines.
  • For the first time organisations can evolve their security controls and capabilities without requiring new hardware, software or IT delivery programmes. With ThreatSpike Wire, companies can rapidly get visibility into network borne threats and control user activity at a technology control or policy level. Our platform allows for new applications and use cases to be deployed in minutes.

What's included

Divising an effective security team is always a challenge. Our cyber security as a service delivers the cyber defence application and security experts in one place. Our skilled operatives are on call 24x7, monitoring client environments and using the latest virtual penetration testing techniques to ensure clients networks are protected at all times. As a valued managed security service provider, we offer a complete service and resources needed to ensure your business processes run smoothly and remain uninterrupted.





ThreatSpike - Next Generation Cyber Threat Analysis Software
Log Monitoring by Security Experts
Vulnerability Alerting
Number of Forensic Analysis Included 2 10 50
Access to Security Personal 24x7 for advice    
Monthly Billing
Upfront Costs      
Network and Application Vulnerabilities
Insider Threats and Misuse of credentials
Hacking Activities including reconnaissance and Lateral Movements
Free Upgrades to Software for period of support

If you would like to know more about the service packs, the SLA’s offered and what we deliver, please contact us.


Cyber Threats Worldwide

To the right, you see a world map showing cyber security threats activity by region. Below the globe, you can see how many threats from each category have been registered so far this year.

Protect yourself from all major cyber detected worldwide. Find out if you are cyber security ready by letting our experts measure the vulnerability of your network.

  • 1OAS (On-Access Scan)
  • 2ODS (On Demand Scanner)
  • 3WAV (Web Anti-Virus)
  • 4MAV (Mail Anti-Virus)
  • 5IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
  • 6VLNS (Vulnerability Scan)
  • 7KAS (Kaspersky Anti-Spam)
  • 8BAD (Botnet Activity Detection)

Our Cyber Security Defence Team can help you with:

  • Zero Day Attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Compliance Checks
  • Threat Analysis
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Access Control
  • ISO Compliance
  • Audit Reporting for Insurance
  • Internal Threat Analysis
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Cyber Threat Hotline: +44 20 8584 1400


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