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HAVEN (Help A Village Emerge New) Medical Camp 2015 Video

HAVEN's Mega Medical Camps in February 2015 saw the most patients ever in our history. With a multi-discipline approach and high-level UK Consultants visiting our centre in Atla Village, we were able to serve more people and confirm more plans for referrals.


Communication is the Key to Customer Service Excellence

Communication is the Key to Customer Service Excellence

If you are a regular reader of our blog you will know by now that we love a good process!!!

We have invested huge amounts of energy to build our service operation on solid processes which are scalable and repeatable; allowing us to take on new customers, new staff members and new challenges with the minimum of fuss. That said, however, I really believe that process counts for nothing without first-rate communication… and that first-rate communication is the key to Customer Service Excellence.


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All Projects need Business Sponsorship

All Projects need Business Sponsorship

We’ve all known projects that have failed for one reason or another. The statistics are frightening…the Project Management Institute (PMI) 2014 Performance Report states that, across the industry, for every $1bn spent on projects an average of $109m is lost… and there are many published reasons as to why they fail – the biggest of which misalignment to strategic objectives and failure to understand and articulate the requirements sufficiently.


Making IT Outsourcing Work – Series #3


In previous articles we’ve discussed what changes are necessary on the client side and what important things a client should do to find the right partner. In this article we’re going to consider the key things that an IT Outsourcer must have in place to deliver the best levels of service in both the customer experience and technical support areas.

This article is aimed at those who work on the supply side of the fence – it outlines the things I consider to be most important to successfully deliver IT Outsourcing services.


Making IT Outsourcing Work - Series #2

Making IT Outsourcing Work - Series #2

Finding the Right Partner

In this series of Blog posts we're looking at what makes IT Outsourcing work. In the last article we discussed what changes the customer needs to consider to make Outsourcing a success - in this one we're going to take a brief look at some simple but important things a client should do to find their outsourcing partner.

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