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Transputec sponsored 10K walk for HAVEN Charity

Transputec sponsored 10K walk for HAVEN Charity

Yesterday on the 12th of April, the Transputec team took to the sunny hills of North Downs Way, to take part in a 10K sponsored walk for Haven charity. HAVEN (Help A Village Emerge New) is a UK based charity working to provide a nurturing environment, where the less fortunate have the opportunity to improve living conditions within the local community in Tarapith, Birbhum, West Bengal, India.


Who would predict an underground fire, in London?

Who would predict an underground fire, in London?

There are many events that you can predict as a risk to your business operations, loss of power, loss of internet, severe weather, supply chain disruption etc. This is the purpose of your corporate risk register, which should be kept updated on a regular basis as your operational risks shift and change. But on top of your considered risk assessment planning, you must always make allowance for unknown events that can come at you out of a clear blue sky. Sometimes literally! There was just such an event in Holborn, Central London yesterday.


Making IT Outsourcing Work

Making IT Outsourcing Work

I’m a big fan of Outsourcing. I am a firm believer that if someone else can do it better than you, at a reasonable price, allowing you to spend your time in areas where your true talents lay then this benefits everyone.

This applies to all aspects of life, not just your company’s IT function – why spend your valuable time and energy labouring over something which you don’t really enjoy and won’t do a great job of, when there’s someone else out there who gets genuine enjoyment out of the task at hand and is ultimately capable.


Five Things to Watch Out for in Your Business Continuity Planning

rickie-bigThere seems to be a trend these days for spotting five things that we have learnt from any given event. I don’t know why five things rather than say ten. Maybe it’s because after that number people start to get bored these days.

Well, I certainly don’t want to bore anyone, so I will stick to five things for my list, which is what to watch out for in your business continuity planning. This list is the result of many years of experience in business continuity/disaster recovery work, mostly helping companies who have suffered some kind of catastrophic IT failure.

The first thing to look out for, or expect, is the unexpected. In my last blog I talked about so-called ‘black swan’ events. These are events that are totally unexpected in that they are beyond the frame of reference of most people, like the ideas of black swans was in medieval times. They tend to have a massive impact on an organisation, but even so are often not learnt from. You need to acknowledge that you cannot predict or plan for every eventuality, but you can prepare yourself so that whatever happens you have a fighting chance of surviving it.


Black Swan theory and organisational resilience

Black Swan theory and organisational resilience

The expression ‘black swan’ derives from the mistaken medieval belief that swans could only have white feathers, since all known historical records of swans demonstrated that to be the case. That was until the Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh discovered large number of black swans living in Western Australia in 1697. After that momentous event, the term came to represent a perceived impossibility that was subsequently disproven.

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