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Software Consultancy

Our software development consultants can help make technology work for your business. We specialise in technology evaluations, software development, apps development, cloud migration, MS365 migration, systems integration, hardware purchases and the integration of these services into a solution that works for you. Whether modernising an existing system or creating new software systems from scratch, we’re ready to work together. If you have a vision and a strategy our software consultants have the tools, the expertise, and the experience to convert your concept into a ground-breaking launch.  Our team of software developers & consultants possess expertise that is not often found in-house, they provide a breadth of understanding in many areas such as software design, architecture, estimation, security, compliance, software development life cycle, testing and quality assurance.

software consultancy
software development consultancy

What does a software consultant do?

In the fast-paced technology industry, companies are constantly inundated with new ideas and directions for their company. Hiring software consultants can help alleviate some of those pressures by providing an outside set of eyes that can view your product or project and determine if it is on the right path. Here are some of the top benefits of hiring software consultants for your projects.

Software Consultancy Services at Transputec

Software Consultancy Services by Transputec is the culmination of more than 30 years of international software development experience. We love to share our extensive knowledge in the IT field. Our team of experts knows everything about Test and Quality Management, office 365 integration, web, mobile and cloud applications. 

No matter how well constructed your application is, it will still greatly benefit from some guidance and support from independent integration specialists. Our consultants offer an impartial and honest view of what will work for your business. This transparent approach to our consulting ensures that you will make the best use of our knowledge and expertise. If you have a business management system that’s not working for you, or if you’re interested in improving processes, reducing costs, creating new softwares or migrating to new technologies, we can help. We focus on simplifying your business and eliminating waste, so you can get back to what drives your business forward – giving great service to your customers and running profitable operations.

Why do customers choose Transputec for Software Consultancy?

Since 1986 our consultants have been an integral part of delivering a bespoke solutions and we have established a reputation as a leading digital transformation partner. We help our clients to automate, streamline and simplify their processes by delivering intuitive, cost-effective and scalable technology solutions.
Transputec implements a mobile housing repairs system for Harlow DC

The new system has been a revolution. This state-of-the-art technology has moved HDC from having an inefficient, highly-criticised, paper-driven service, to an e-government compliant, appreciated customer focused one. We have the best of all worlds: we have significantly improved service and at the same time reduced costs. This is certainly a demonstration of value for money. 

Steve Hampson, HDC’s Executive Director

Harlow DC

“LIZARD really is an exceptional tool in all regards, he added. And whilst it is too early for us to put figures on how LIZARD has improved our business, the results at Zumtobel speak for themselves. Zumtobel has doubled its turnover in the last five years and I would say that LIZARD was at least 70 per cent responsible for that.”

Gary Haynes, Commercial Planning Manager

Thorn Lighting

Lizard promises a bright future for Thorn Lighting

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