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We are Microsoft Certified Migrators, and using proprietary tools that perform over the wire migrations, we can transfer your data from any source to Microsoft 365 without disrupting your business operations. A simple Microsoft 365 migration service where we keep your data safe and secure while you enjoy a customised Microsoft 365 experience that makes your business better connected to customers, partners and employees, wherever they are.

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Why Migrate to Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 has become the go-to cloud platform for businesses looking to save money on IT and achieve a complete business transformation. Get the most out of Microsoft 365 by leveraging features you may not know about, for example, Microsoft 365 offers security management, GDPR compliance management and company administration tools that directly impact;

End to End Microsoft 365 Integration

Microsoft 365 Consultation

Our Microsoft 365 Consultants have been providing consulting services to Small and medium-sized businesses for over 35 years.Transputec does not only help you develop your Microsoft 365 Integration Solution but we will also recommend the best technologies to accomplish the integration.

Complete Microsoft 365 Integration

Microsoft 365 integration services are designed to integrate various Microsoft services like Skype for Business, Email, Sharepoint, Exchange, Lync, Yammer and Enterprise Mobility Suite with existing technologies and processes. The goal is to ensure you are utilizing all Microsoft 365 services and getting the most value from them.

Microsoft 365 Training

The Microsoft 365 platform is powerful and complex, yet it's missing a key component, one that can help you make sense of Microsoft 365 – true, end-user native training and support.

24/7 Support

When it comes to business services, our geeks are available 24/7. We can troubleshoot Microsoft 365 or any other IT issues, network connectivity issues and compatibility issues.

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