Flexible resourcing

Transputec Resources aims to provide employers with permanent or temporary, industry leading recruitment solutions.

Whether you are looking for specialists in Server Infrastructure, Storage , Networking, End User, Trading Technologies, SAP, Microsoft Technologies, or any other area of IT, our dedicated team will provide you with an efficient and compliant solution within the timescales required.

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Transputec Flexible Resourcing

Transputec will deliver technology experts on demand when you need them, working in collaboration with your teams to ensure projects get delivered on time and in budget. We have experts in all areas of technologies including:

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A Bespoke Offering

With more than 30 years of experience in the technology industry, we recognise each business’ individual requirements. Transputec will tailor the offering to specifically address your business’ IT project.

Flexible resourcing provides flexibility and agility to organisations desired business outcomes. At Transputec, we can provide you with the agile service to address business objective fast, which will also cuts costs and alleviate risks.

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Transputec Flexible Resourcing Service

Specialised Skills
Transputec’s expertise can fulfil the requirements when your organisation experiences a skills gap. This provides several benefits including; saving time in training, cutting costs of training, fast deployment and eliminates long term investment of employing new members to your organisation.

The versatility of existing skilled individuals means that the turnaround time to provide flexible resourcing is accelerated. In addition to this, our experts are continually expanding their skill sets.

Peace of Mind
With the many years of experience and versatile customer portfolio, you can be sure to receive the upmost satisfying service.

A fresh view
Transputec’s experts provide innovative solutions for your project requirements.

Preparing your organisation
Following the implementation of new projects, our experts will ensure your organisation have the appropriate knowledge and know-how to maintain the new technologies.

Reducing your Costs
Flexible resourcing from Transputec ultimately reduce the turnover time for projects and eliminates the long term costs of employing new members into your organisation.

Bespoke Offering
We at Transputec understand that each organisation can come with its own unique requirements for IT and therefore tailor each offering with that in mind. We will provide the individual that best suits the specifics of the business objectives.

Agile Managed Service
Transputec’s Managed Services are agile and flexible, so you can leave your technology to us, while your company grows.

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Supporting your business strategy

Companies need to adapt and stay ahead of the competition especially in today’s complex business environments.

Our technology consulting teams exist for the purpose of paving the way to your company’s excellence. Using our wide range of technical skills and expertise, you are sure to find solutions to supplement your IT department needs during tough times.

Easily resolve budget and resource issues as you engage with our flexible services. These are made available via a project or ad-hoc basis, depending on your network requirements.