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Transputec shortlisted for Specialist Technology Company of the Year in the Business Continuity Awards 2018

Innovative IT Services and Solutions company Transputec, based in West London, has been shortlisted for the first time in the CIR Business Continuity Awards 2018, in the category of Specialist Technology Company of the Year.

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More trophies than Tottenham (so far)

On the same night that our local football heroes, Tottenham Hotspur, crashed out of the Champions League at Wembley, Transputec won yet another trophy in the in the equally prestigious PCR Awards 2018.

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Press for Progress: Why I’m celebrating International Women’s Day

Once a week, I consider the irony of my situation. Every Saturday morning, I teach IT and digital skills to a group of girls and young women via Skype. During the course of the two-hour lesson, I sometimes find myself hoping that I’ve inspired them with my teaching as much as they inspire me with their drive and determination to change their circumstances.

Hotel guests could be at risk of losing more than a good night’s sleep

In a sector where reputation is everything, hotel IT directors face a constant battle to keep guests and their assets safe. In 2015 the hospitality sector was named one of the top three industries most frequently targeted by cybercrime according to the Trustwave Global Security report.

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A warm welcome to our new Director of Services, Stuart Salt

I’m delighted to welcome Stuart Salt as Director of our expanding Services division.

Stuart takes full responsibility for the leadership and development of our Services team, where he will play a key role in meeting our ambitious growth goals as well as building on Transputec’s excellent reputation for service and delivery to our clients. He succeeds Shalen Sehgal who has taken up the role of Director of Business Development at our sister company, Crises Control.

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How you can avoid getting crypto-jacked

There is a new malware in town to rival ransomware and this time it is linked to the explosion in crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. Crypto-currencies are based on transaction verification and so-called crypto-mining provides 24/7 accounting for these currencies, for which it receives a small fee.

Anyone can engage in this activity, but to make real money from crypto-mining requires vast amounts of processing power. Some miners now appear to have started to tap into other people’s networks to borrow their processing capacity in order to do this. A bit like cannabis farms tapping into the next door neighbour’s electricity supply to keep their plants warm.