Cybersecurity as a Service

Prevent, protect and stay ahead of evolving Cybersecurity threats.

Manage your security with our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC).

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Cybersecurity as a Service (CSaaS)

Our award-winning Managed Cybersecurity Services provide around-the-clock protection, dedicated Security Operations Centers, and leading-edge Threat Detection Software.

What is Cybersecurity as a Service (CSaaS)?

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CSaaS is the outsourcing of Cybersecurity management to specialists

Effective cybersecurity teams need to be experienced, proficient, and capable of working around the clock, and this costs money. Not every organization has the resources to create that kind of team, so instead, they seek out managed cybersecurity services.

Our cybersecurity services provide agile, outsourced cyber security resources to organisations of all sizes, and in all industries and sectors. With our Managed Security Service Providers, you get access to skilled, seasoned professionals dedicated to protecting your organization, while also making sure that you have a plan and technology to handle any incident. Our managed cybersecurity services providers can handle all your cybersecurity functions, or just give you additional resources if needed — your choice.

The Benefits of Cybersecurity Managed Services include

Our Managed Cybersecurity Services include

24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC); EDR protection from ThreatSpike; Real time threat and vulnerability alerting; Incident and security assessments; Asset management reporting; Advisory forensics and data loss prevention; and Virtual penetration testing.


Install ThreatSpike on every server and endpoint to provide threat coverage for each device. ThreatSpike will run in the background inspecting every packet of information and identify threats.


The dedicated SOC team of analysts constantly monitor unusual behaviour on your systems, warn you of threats, and keep systems guarded 24/7, 365 days a year giving you peace of mind.


The SOC team analyse every generated event, and work with you to assign prioritisation and mitigation efforts for each one, improving your defences against the threat of attack.

Always ON Managed Cybersecurity Services

Safe, secure systems are essential for protecting your company and customers, but protecting your organization against cyberattacks is harder than ever. The cyber landscape is never at a standstill. Your cyber defenses and teams must continually evolve to simply keep pace with an ever-increasing threat landscape of countless criminal actors using techniques like phishing scams, malware, ransomware, and many others to break through your defenses. New vulnerabilities are being discovered every day in the systems that you are using. New risks are introduced into your network via endpoints–computers, servers, even Internet-connected printers–new software, and software updates.

Transputecs top-quality London-based IT Security Service provides the support you need to secure your systems and data. Our agile Security Operations Centre (SOC) can deliver all of your cybersecurity support, or augment the resources of your existing teams. We work with our technology partner, ThreatSpike Labs, and consulting partner, Cynance, to address all of your cybersecurity needs, while giving you peace of mind.

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Next generation Cybersecurity protection - ThreatSpike

Transputecs cyber security services include Endpoint Detection & Response by ThreatSpike. ThreatSpike defends your organization from within, protecting your organization against the latest threats and vulnerabilities. With ThreatSpike installed on every server, computer, and Internet-connected device, you can constantly monitor your networks traffic, learning about, and controlling the flow of data and electronic communications, protecting the whole organization. In case of a security incident, ThreatSpike alerts you in real-time, to ensure that your response teams are able to start remediation activities ASAP.

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What Does ThreatSpike Do?

ThreatSpike reacts and detects risks, in real-time, on every one of your endpoints, everywhere, all at once. It immediately deploys defensive controls like web filtering, data loss prevention, network zones, thereby neutralizing an attacking entity.

End Point Detection and Response

ThreatSpike continuously monitors every endpoint (computers, laptops, printers, servers and more) and blocks suspicious activity immediately.

Security Monitoring

All information gathered from the network is analysed for any signs of malicious or unusual behaviour, in real-time, by our Security Operation 24 x 7 x 365.

Rogue Device Detection

ThreatSpike detects rogue devices connected to the network, and flags them for investigation and removal.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

When a threat is detected, ThreatSpike acts fast to isolate affected machines, limiting the damage from the threat.

Data Leakage Prevention

ThreatSpike detects and alerts for the extraction of sensitive data from the network.

Web Filtering

ThreatSpike filters web use, intercepting and blocking users from accessing unauthorised websites.

Forensic Reporting

ThreatSpike generates metadata about every package of network traffic for review at a later date.

Device Hardening

Measure compliance of devices against baseline standards, and harden configurations to improve their posture.

Continuous Coverage

ThreatSpike constantly monitors the network providing protection 24/7, 365 days a year.

How Does ThreatSpike Work?

Once ThreatSpike’s agent is installed on workstations and servers (endpoint) it monitors your network traffic and endpoint activity 24/7/365 for threats and vulnerabilities. ThreatSpike alerts you in real-time, and secures your network using automated security controls

ThreatSpike Platform

Why Choose Transputec's Cybersecurity Services?

Our focus is on providing quality, cost-effective services, and high levels of client satisfaction.

Peace of Mind
We look after your cyber security, so you don’t have to. The SOC will manage all your day to day cyber security with the latest tools and techniques.
Round the Clock Support
Our SOC is manned by experienced professionals, who are available to support your organisation 24/7/365 days a year.
Full Range of Services
Access the entire range of cyber security services quickly and without a lengthy recruitment process from our SOC.
Next Generation Protection
Our service uses the latest cyber security protection tools and techniques including ThreatSpike to protect your organisation.

Why do our Customers Choose us for Cybersecurity Services?

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Safety and security will always be WFS’ top priority to underpin the vital services we provide for our airline customers at airports around the world. We take this responsibility very seriously and are constantly reviewing our systems and processes to ensure they are fit-for-purpose against potential threats and to protect our business continuity.

Transputec is providing critical managed services that enable us to improve the resilience, efficiency and security of our global operations, which gives us the peace of mind that any security anomaly or incident will be managed and resolved instantly.

Pedro Garcia, Group Chief Information Officer

Worldwide Flight Services

 Transputec’s Cybersecurity as a Service provides us with a team of experts monitoring our network and systems 24/7.

The service our previous managed enterprise provider was only monitoring mode. Although we could see a real granular picture with 100ft of vision we were just getting 10 degrees of what we wanted to see. We had no visibility of web activity and it was under two different platforms. We are now getting a 360 degree picture – all under one platform.

Our experience with Transputec is extremely positive. Like us, it is a dynamic, entrepreneurial organisation and quick to respond to our changing requirements.

Lee Scott, ISS Cybersecurity and Compliance Manager

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FAQs on Cybersecurity

CSaaS is a proactive approach to cybersecurity, which significantly reduces the burden on organisations – both financially and in human resources. CSaaS is more than simply products, it offers comprehensive cybersecurity services such as security risk management, network monitoring for suspicious events, threat management, and incident response, all of which require skilled cybersecurity professionals and round the clock coverage, and which can be expensive and difficult to procure for individual organisations. Research has shown that on average, CSaaS can save an organisation 70% on them doing it by themselves.

Some IT providers can provide elements of a CSaaS service - for example managing cybersecurity products on your endpoints, or arranging for and saving backups. However, cybersecurity as a service offers much more than just software. The CSaaS is managed by experienced cybersecurity professionals who provide security-focussed services such as monitoring, threat management, and incident response services.

The techniques used by hackers and cyber criminals range from the relatively unsophisticated to the highly targeted and advanced. They evolve over time, and they adapt in order to try to subvert the countermeasures put in place to prevent them. Companies also change – and what might be an acceptable level of risk one day might not be by the following month. Whether your goal is to improve your cyber security posture immediately, or as part of an ongoing drive, you need to know the steps you can take and the impact they will have. Our CSaaS is well and best positioned to support your business - today and in the future.

Our CSaaS is offered on a rolling basis, starting from a minimum of a year. The contract can be extended year on year, and can be adjusted according to your needs.

Absolutely. Every organisation is different, and our CSaaS offering will be adjusted to meet individual requirements. We will work with you to tailor the services only that you need.

Cybersecurity insurance is designed to support organisations in the event that an incident occurs, but it is not a replacement for preventing an attack in the first place. Cybersecurity insurance may provide a financial cushion, but it will not help replace the data that you may lose in an attack. In addition, many insurers require their customers to have what they consider to be an adequate cybersecurity programme in place before they will agree to insure you.

Ahead of you committing to use, we offer a free proof of concept service for a limited time allowing you to see the value of the service.

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