The show must go on says world-renowned music tours, festivals and live productions company – Neg Earth

Neg Earth Lights

The Customer

Founded in 1983 Neg Earth Lights is a leading, independent lighting and rigging supplier predominantly focussed on live events within the entertainment industry. Neg Earth supply industry-leading equipment to world-renowned music tours, festivals and live productions.

The Challenge

Our virtual environment was end of life and we needed a server solution that provided redundancy and DR capability.

Transputec Ltd helped Neg Earth lighting and rigging supplier replace their existing server with hardware that provided redundancy and DR capability. They offered a cost-effective solution based on the client’s needs.

I have used Transputec in the past but they also provided the most competitive pricing while keeping me convinced of their ability to deliver Describe the project in detail and walk through the stages of the project. Transputec LTD provided capitative pricing and showed excellent technical know how. They scoped the requirements of the project in good time and provided a cost effective solution. On delivery of the hardware they provided a technical set up call and helped me to configure the systems to the edge of my knowledge and then delivered the working product. Project was completed in good time.

The sales representative was my early point of contact and then I was handed over to their technical department.

The Outcome

Replacing our old hardware with a more functional solution has cut down on rack usage and improved my confidence in our DR capability Transputec Ltd.

Everything was completed on time with the majority of planning and works being performed via Teams. I never felt like there were any gaps in communication and was always up to date.

I was impressed with how efficient they were. Their team left me with no doubt that the project would be completed on time and to my satisfaction.

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