Inchcape Shipping Services trust Transputec with their Cyber Security needs

Inchcape Shipping Services trust Transputec with their Cyber Security needs

The Client

Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) provide global strategic maritime, cargo and supply chain solutions to ship owners and operators. They offer a full range of marine agency services including door to deck logistics services, port agency and vessel clearance, cruise consultancy, stevedoring, forwarding and custom documentation. Their reach is extensive, spanning numerous market segments, vessels and asset types out of 300 offices in 68 countries.

The Business Challenge

ISS has a large global footprint. The scale of its operation and appetite for growth means its network is always evolving. At any one time there are thousands of connections in multiple global locations. With cyber security being the number one concern in the C suite right now, ISS was seeking the most up to date and cost effective solution and realised they needed to buy in Cyber Security as a Service from a trusted provider.

Finding the Right Partner

ISS had made several attempts to find an agile tool that offered vulnerability detection, web filtering and monitoring with the ability to create granular reports and location tracking. Transputec had already provided a managed service for ISS and was recognised as a trusted provider. It introduced ISS to ThreatSpike, an agile tool that is a pay per machine model offered on a modular based Cloud enabled solution that was a far more cost effective solution for their set-up, as well as providing them with tailored detection and monitoring solutions.

The Benefits of Using Transputec

Lee Scott, ISS Cybersecurity and Compliance Manager, CISSP explains: “Transputec’s Cyber Security as a Service provides us with a team of experts monitoring our network and systems 24/7. The service our previous managed enterprise provider was only monitoring mode. Although we could see a real granular picture with 100ft of vision we were just getting 10 degrees of what we wanted to see. We had no visibility of web activity and it was under two different platforms. We are now getting a 360 degree picture – all under one platform. Our experience with Transputec is extremely positive. Like us, it is a dynamic, entrepreneurial organisation and quick to respond to our changing requirements.

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