Incisive Media select Transputec as their trusted Managed Service Provider

Incisive Media select Transputec as their trusted Managed Service Provider

With offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Beijing, Incisive Media publishes more than 100 titles (in print and online) and offers a range of conferences, events and training products.

They provide information and education for professionals working in the financial and professional services sector, which includes investment bankers, asset managers, financial advisors, accountants, lawyers, photographers, IT professionals and online marketers.

Incisive Media had an ageing IT estate distributed across two on-premise data centers. They planned to consolidate their offices and, as part of that, wanted to move their infrastructure to the cloud , managed by a 3rd party and therefore were looking for a managed service provider to implement, deliver and run the whole service.

Their existing infrastructure consisted of 110 physical servers and 70TB of directly attached storage. Their key driver was to have a service that could easily scale servers and storage on demand with a flexible service, whilst reducing the overall costs of delivering IT services to the business.

Incisive Media were not only interested in finding a company which would provide the services they needed, but also an organisation who they could trust and rely on under all circumstances.

Transputec has extensive experience in Information Technology and Services based on 30 years successful performance on the market and have been working with Incisive Media for over 5 years. Transputec always delivers the highest level of service on time and within the agreed budget.

Having reviewed several Managed Service Providers, Incisive Media signed up to Transputec’s flexible Managed Service offering which provides a complete end-to-end support service for the infrastructure and full end user support from 1st to 3rd line resolution 24×7. Following a detailed consultation process, using a variety of tools including VMware Capacity Planner, Transputec has reduced Incisive Media’s foot-print to:

  • 9 on-premise local servers for file/print/caching of local data and authentication
  • 34 virtual servers sitting on IBM Flex hardware and 70TB of data using IBMs V7000 storage solution

The service also offers a Disaster Recovery solution using the best of their existing legacy hardware underpinned by V7000 storage with SAN-to-SAN replication. Both Primary and DR sites are hosted by Transputec in two remotely locate data centres.