Cloud Consulting for Gaming Company – Inplaysoft

Inplaysoft Case Study

The Customer

Transputec have successfully supported Inplaysoft, a global gaming services & solutions company with migration to the cloud.

Valentyn Kyrylrnko, Head of marketing operations at Inplaysoft explains how we helped them.

The Challenge

We wanted to move all of our existing infrastructure to AWS to improve our scalability, reduce the cost of main data canters, and improve delivery time for our clients.

We were looking for companies in the UK because we provide a lot of code base access, and we needed a reputable company that foremost made us feel secure. We also wanted to find an organisation that had a lot of expertise in this particular cloud infrastructure domain. These were the two biggest factors on our list.

What Transputec Did

Transputec were selected and conducted two large stages of the project. The first was the discovery stage. Transputec helped us uncover our needs and then offered solutions based on our budget. After that, we moved into the implementation stage, during which Transputec stayed in touch with us and helped us pick the right options.  They transferred our existing infrastructure from on-premise data centers to the cloud. All cloud-related work was done offsite and completed within an Amazon cloud environment.

There were few key people involved, including one of the co-owners, the software engineer, and a project manager. I’ve visited them on a number of occasions and had personal discussions. These have helped a lot to uncover the best way to approach and establish our cloud infrastructure. They also connected us with their subject experts to find the best solution.

The Outcome

The project has brought us scalability and improved our performance, as well as allowed an extremely fast time-to-market delivery for new products. We don’t require as many internal resources as we used to, so we’ve reduced the team involved in maintaining and servicing the data centre. This has allowed us to save on the cost of maintaining the data centre.

They were able to meet the deadlines and stay on budget, and were also very proactive. Their communication has been great using emails and some document sharing. We’ve used Jira some as well, but there hasn’t been a need for any specific project management tools, as it is a straightforward project. We’ve also had in-person meetings and calls through Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Additionally, their time management impressed us the most as usually when it comes to software development, usually nothing happens on time but with Transputec we were on schedule.

Relationship with Transputec

We began working with them in December 2021, and whilst the relationship is fairly new the partnership is still ongoing. If you express your concerns, speak about your problems, and be transparent, then Transputec will find the solution you need. Let them know your pain points, and they will solve them.

At the moment we have relied on them for cloud-based services, but we’ll stay in touch for other needs that we have as a software development company. Their field of expertise is quite diverse, and we feel that there may be other areas in which we can work together. I hope we will continue together for years to come.

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