March 2022

I recently started my career in tech, and so far, my journey has been nothing but incredible. The tech space has been male-dominated for a long time. This is something I was aware of before joining the industry. I’ve heard the same echoed by other women who have had long and arduous journeys within the sector, facing discrimination and hardships because of this. I am proud and privileged to say that I have had a positive experience and safe environment with Transputec. It is because of women who overcame challenges and paved the way for other women to excel that I have been able to pursue this career and build my passion. I see myself and other younger women as examples of things changing for the better. Women in Transputec have welcomed me into this industry, helping me every step of the way, showing support and strength, encouraging me to challenge myself and overcome social barriers. All the contributions and sacrifices do bring change. We still have a long way to go, but I believe slowly but surely we will get there, and I hope I can set a positive example and support other women to bring change and rise together.