May 2022

My name is Helene Solvam and I am in my second year at Høsykolen Kristiania in Oslo, studying Human Recourses, Organizational Psychology and Leadership. 

I chose to do an internship in HR for my forth semester mainly because I wanted some real life experience in the field.

In my internship I have been working both remotely and in person, which has taught me a lot about what an everyday work life is like in both ways. Working in the HR department in Transputec has given me so much relevant experience. As an intern I have assisted with ongoing projects in the department, such as working to improve and implement onboarding platforms, and write blogs related to PR and recruitment. I have also generally assisted HR wherever I have been needed.

Transputec have done a great job in making me feel welcomed, valued and supported throughout my internship, and while working on these tasks I really have felt like a real and significant part of the company.

This experience has been very important for me, and it have made me feel very excited and motivated about going forward with my studies in Human Resources. Therefore I would recommend it to anyone who are interested in HR, as well as working in a tech centred company.