Why Use a Collaboration Platform like Microsoft 365 for Business?

Why Use Microsoft 365

Are you running your business without implementing Microsoft 365, Google Suite, or some other collaboration platform? If so, now’s the time to consider the benefits of migrating your office over to one of these platforms. If you haven’t done something like this before, don’t worry; not many people have. You’re not alone.

Today, remote working and working from home is no longer a novelty. In fact, it has become the norm and is being embraced by companies large and small. The current COVID-19 pandemic situation has created a massive shift in business operations. The workplace is no longer limited to a specific desk or building. The workplace has shifted to an online collaborative space where employees from all over the globe can work on projects and share their opinions to deliver the best results for their clients. Businesses are more open than ever to hiring for talent rather than location, which has created an environment where virtual offices and remote employees are highly in demand.

This is also a wise choice after the pandemic outbreak. Outsourcing and hiring people across the world can be more effective and efficient. For example, it has been seen that employees who get their work done from home are more productive and less stressed out. In the business world, everything boils down to cost and output. So you don’t need to have employees in your own offices when you can have efficient collaboration through cloud tools like Microsoft 365.

What are the Benefits of Migrating to Collaboration Tools like Microsoft 365?

Productivity apps have become a core component of modern business intelligence. Teams can now connect in real-time via Teams, essential files can be transported from one office to another in seconds through the cloud, and business information can be shared across large offices with ease. Teams communicate via email, chat, Teams, video call, and other instant messaging solutions to accomplish everyday tasks. At the same time, the ability to work remotely from your favourite location makes it easier for companies with just one employee to have access to the knowledge and expertise of a whole team of professionals.

5 Key Reasons to Migrate to Microsoft 365

  1. Improves Productivity and Boosts Business Outcomes: In the past, whenever an employee needed to do a task, such as completing a report or fixing an issue with a software product, they would have to open a new application or programme to do it. This made it difficult to get the most out of the technology resources they had access to. Teams help solve this problem by enabling divisions to import tasks from any source (software or data) and complete them asynchronously within a shared workspace. The results are faster applications, reducing downtime for everyone on your team and allowing you to spend more time on helping your customers succeed. A study by Microsoft shows productivity savings of $8.8m to $21.7m in organisations using the Teams platform.
  2. Minimises Labour Costs: Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based communication and collaboration tool for business teams. It provides enterprise-grade email, calendar management, task management, and more. By having their collaboration tools in one place, employees can access a single hub for all their daily applications, encouraging new workflows and automation. This allows workers to be more productive by reducing app switching, saving 15 to 25 minutes each day on average.
  3. Decreases data breach threats: Cybersecurity is a crucial concern for businesses. Organisations across all sectors are at risk of a cyber attack. Office 365 is secure cloud storage, which means you can run your business without worrying about security. Using secure tools like Office 365 and the Microsoft Teams platform reduces the probability of a significant data breach by 1% to 5%, reducing the risk of damage to brand reputation, stock price, and expensive remediation activities.
  4. Accessible anywhere, anytime: Every business owner and employee should have free access to all their files online. This includes files from a company’s internal network, Google Drive, and external shared folders. The cloud productivity suite from Office 365 allows employees to work together in real-time from anywhere in the world. In other words, it provides seamless access for anyone working on one of your projects regardless of where they’re physically located.
  5. Reducing the burden on the help desk and HR: When an employee has an IT or HR question, they are usually encouraged to open a ticket, which then becomes a member of the team’s problem to answer. Microsoft Teams allows organisations to connect bots to their HR and IT accounts to handle routine requests, and, in turn, reduce the number of support tickets opened by employees by 10% to 15%. This in turn can save organisations $525K to $787K over three years.

Moving to remote teams is not always easy

Digital transformation, and getting the most out of cloud technology and collaboration tools is the way forward for most organisations. For most organisations, however, the challenge is ensuring that the benefits outweigh the expense of setting up a data centre, buying software, bringing in talent, and getting meaningful value from the solutions in place. Transputec’s Microsoft 365 Integration Services can help you with the entire process, from the initial consultation and set-up to support. Our Microsoft Certified Migrators have over 30 years of experience setting up your systems and providing training and support to ensure you get the system that meets your business needs.

Want to know more? Get in touch to discuss how we can help your business migrate seamlessly to Microsoft 365.

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