Transputec Announces Ukrainian Focussed Recruitment Drive 

Providing support for victims of war

Transputec, an end to end IT Managed Services Company based in London have announced a recruitment drive aimed at Ukrainian and other nationals displaced by war.  

The roles on offer are existing vacancies across our entire business, including tech support, DevOps, cloud, sales support, software development, support, and testing, and various corporate functions, and are available for both on-premises in our office in London, UK, or remotely from anywhere in the world.  

Providing support for victims of war  

We have launched this initiative to provide practical support for the people of Ukraine who have seen their lives disrupted by this war, and for whom things may never be the same again.  

Taking Action  

In response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, which is driving growing numbers of refugees into countries across Eastern Europe, Transputec management team is in constant communication and offering support to staff impacted by the conflict. The recent relief efforts provided from our London Office, sending supplies and donations via a local voluntary group was hugely successful. Moving forward, Transputec have also decided to discontinue any company services and support for customers operating in Russia.  

About Transputec  

Transputec is an end to end IT Managed Services Provider. We provide our customers with a full range of complementary IT services, from running the IT service for entire organisations, to development support and DevOps, cloud management, and more.   

The wide variety of services we offer enables us to help develop our employees’ skills, and allows us to support employees to move across disciplines.  

We have a very international team, with employees working from countries around Europe and the world, including the UK, India, Ukraine, Philippines, and more.  

We are always looking for talented people to join our teams, so even if you don’t see an advertised role that looks suitable, send us an email, we may just have something available.  

Our offer  

This special recruitment drive is open to all Ukrainian nationals, or other nationals who have recently been displaced by war.  

Alongside the job offer, Transputec will provide support to successful candidates to help them prepare for their new job in a new location.  

Contact us for more information  

Email our recruitment specialist at to discuss our available roles, and to learn more about how you can join our team.  

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