Crises Control just got easier and faster

Our development team is proud to announce the immediate availability of new Crises Control features to improve the overall performance and the user experience. This update to Crises Control includes many new features, including massive improvements and enhancements to the performance reports, with fully custom and interactive reports on the fly.

You can now compare various department’s performance amongst each other with in a given period of time at the top level with option to dig deep into each department and understand performance issues.


We are also delighted to deliver support for BlackBerry platform with a brand new version of Crises Control app just released on the BlackBerry World. Now you can manage your Crises Control Incident/Ping responses from anywhere using all the popular mobile platforms iOS, Android, Windows phone and BlackBerry. We want everyone to have a chance to try out these new features, as well as other features like external trigger, which was introduced in November to facilitate the automated launch of incidents and Ping messages from any external system.


We have now simplified the integration of other monitoring systems with Crises Control. No matter the platform or location, if it can send an Email alerts or can consume our web API when an incident occurs, it can be integrated with Crises Control and launch the associated incident in seconds. An external system could be your internal and external networked computer systems such as alarm systems, server monitoring software, antivirus software, access control and many more.

‘Crises Control’ is a crisis management application from the established IT service and solutions company ‘Transputec’. With over 30 years professional experience in innovative delivery of information technology based solutions, the company has successfully launched the ‘Crises Control’ App for Apple, Windows and Android devices.


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