Born in the Cloud: What Can Traditional Companies Learn from Digital Natives? 

Over the last 10 years, digital native companies, which exist and operate primarily online, have been busy disrupting industry sectors – and there is much, we can learn from them. They are often described as being ‘born in the cloud,’ using Public Cloud for infrastructure technology from the get-go and have advanced DevOps which fast tracks their growth. 

Fundamentally, technology is the core of their business. For companies and organisations that are not digital natives, they too can leverage the full potential of the cloud and emerging technology to innovate and learn from these new-age companies.  

On Tap Tech Expertise 

As digital natives have technical skill from inception, they benefit from on tap tech expertise within the business. To run a digital first business successfully, companies need to buy their IT solutions strategically and intelligently to manage and optimise their IT systems. Importantly, they also need to manage cost control of services, so they don’t spiral out of control.  

If this expertise isn’t within the business, using an IT services consultancy can help. Our clients utilise our depth of IT knowledge, tech skills and long-term relationships with specialist software providers such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to deliver a bespoke a digital roadmap which align to business goals. By outsourcing to digital experts and working in partnership to devise an IT strategy, businesses can benefit from our existing relationships, in-depth experience, and expertise.  

It’s also worth noting that most digital native companies’ IT financial model is based on operating expenses (OPEX) rather than traditional capital expenditures (CapEx). This alternative business model has no or low upfront costs and allows companies to spread their IT investment- often via monthly software subscriptions which can flex both up and down as the business change.  Again, by partnering with an IT provider, businesses can benefit from flexible and scalable payment plans for their IT Services.  

DevOps Drive Innovation  

Speedy innovation is what often makes digital natives successful and smart DevOps is at the heart of this. DevOps is a collaboration service which combines software development and IT operations; it therefore speeds up development processes and provides better integration of operational management and development teams – whilst providing continuous delivery. It’s no surprise that digital natives’ businesses are adept at fast tracking tech projects due to this advantageous set up from the start.   

For non-native, fast growth businesses, using DevOps is essential as it drives growth and innovation, deploying new systems, processes, and apps faster and with improved efficiency. Using DevOps in a complex IT environment with a legacy systems and multiple platforms can be challenging to say the least. We work with our clients to reap the many benefits of DevOps via our managed DevOps services. This service helps your business build quality products as well as accelerate speed to market through continuous integration, development, and deployment.  

Cloud First Approach  

Born in the cloud, digital natives use technological tools that were built from the ground up to support cloud-native principles. This makes their systems agile, user friendly and extremely effective. They also aren’t typically reliant on one just one vendor and utilise the different specialisms of multiple providers. 

We work with businesses all over the world to transform their IT systems and work processes via public, private and hybrid cloud systems – utilising Microsoft Azure or AWS clouds. Cloud technology’s continuous improvement is a massive opportunity for all businesses and at Transputec, we offer a full range of services, including infrastructure management to support our clients evolving business’s needs. We are also seeing an increase in non-traditional sectors benefitting from cloud technology and solutions with industry-specific solutions. 

Utilising Emerging Tech 

Digital native companies must be agile be responsive to ever changing to market conditions. As they manage all their business operations with digital technologies, they are set up to adapt quickly and utilise emerging technologies to meet their customer’s needs.  

To reduce risk and accelerate the use of emerging tech, they often partner with third party service providers who have specialist skills. As a specialist service provider, we work with our clients to utilise emerging technologies to facilitate their growth and expansion, allowing our customers to try innovative new technologies at a lower risk.   

Partnering with Fintech, Tide 

We have been working with digital native, Tide, a leading fintech provider for several years. With 1000+ employees globally and headquartered in London, they are 100% cloud based and reap all the rewards from this agile platform.  

For example, we have assisted to implement and seamlessly roll out Google Workspace across the business, which delivers cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools. As a financial services platform, security is paramount, and we’ve been able to help them secure their cloud space with the integration of identity and access management and endpoint protection to ensure all users have the appropriate access to technology resources. As a fast growth firm, they embrace leading emerging technologies and therefore have an eco-system of diverse technology vendors – all of which we manage on their behalf so they can get on with doing what they do best – revolutionising how small businesses manage their money and business admin. 

Catching up via Digital Transformation  

Digital natives have the advantage of not having to transition at scale from legacy systems and ways of working. As we work with both digital natives and traditional organisations, we understand that for some organisations, who may have older systems in place, this is not the case. We have worked with our non-digital native clients on many successful digital transformation programs and projects, transforming their processes and systems and working in partnership to continue to innovate their IT systems. 

By having a digital native mindset and learning and applying their approaches, all companies can accelerate their digital transformation so they can successfully compete in a digitally disrupted world. Get in touch to see how we can support you on your Digital Transformation journey

Stuart Salt, Services Director  

Stuart Salt is the Director of Service for Transputec, an IT Services Company based in London. Stuart is responsible for all professional services and managed services delivered to Transputec’s clients and above all is passionate about the customer experience and digital transformation.  


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