Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment

Transputec is already rolling out a greener initiative to ensure sustainability and adherence to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals. We have implemented improvements throughout the business, and we are working towards a green standard with a set of achievable initiatives and tasks.

We’ve implemented our CSR goals at every level of our business activities through projects such as relocating our Data Centre facilities to Iceland, which has had a measurable effect with a saving of 30% on our energy consumption, as well as internal product and supplier adjustments to ensure on-going development and improvements with reduced carbon emissions.

We continuously update and maintain our CSR goals and improvements on our internal management system which provides our customers, partners and employees with an accessible platform for monitoring the demonstration of our CSR initiatives and successes.

IT Sustainability
Corporate Social Responsibility

What we are doing to make the difference

Our employees are actively involved in implementing our CSR goals and initiatives. Our people have made some significant impacts and actions to make the difference, making conscious decisions to reduce lighting in areas not used, to make better use of the heating systems, and to make more effective re-use of packaging materials. We have deployed ultra-efficient lighting and heating systems and in 2015/16 encouraging the use of electric vehicles throughout the fleet.

Here are some more ways in which we are already achieving our CSR goals: