Guruttam Vijayalakshmi

Guruttam Vijayalakshm

1. How did you apply for the role? I applied for the role through the intern group. 2. Do you feel you are valued and supported in the company? Yes, I feel valued and supported in the company and the evidence for that is the amountof knowledge I have gained from beginning compared to the […]

Haotian Chu


I am very happy to be doing an internship at Transputec, it is a very rare and valuable experience in my life and I am very happy to be working with everyone. Haotian ChuIntern

Mohamed Ifthy Fairoze Ahamed

mohamed ifthy

1. How did you apply for the role? I applied for the role through the Intern Group who recommended this company as a great way for me to gain experience in the IT and Tech field. 2. Do you feel you are valued and supported in the company? Yes, I felt supported and valued by […]

Allison Tolbert

Allison Tolbert

Joined Transputec as a Digital Marketing Intern on July 25th, 2022 and signed on for a six-month internship. I attend Kentucky State University and study Business Administration specifically Marketing/ Management.

Kelvin Ocampo Diaz

Kelvin Ocampo Diaz

Kelvin is a student at Rochester Institute of Technology and working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Human Centered-Computing. His skills include designing websites, posters, and surveys, video editing, programming, and conducting research studies. He is supportive, encouraging, and enjoys inspiring others to excel or do their best in all situations. He is proficient in English […]

Destiny Kalisa

Destiny Kalisa

Meet Destiny Kalisa, a trainee service desk apprentice at Transputec Ltd. After going to University for Midwifery, Destiny decided to change her career path and train in IT. She embarked upon this journey with Just IT and is now a valuable member at Transputec. Let’s hear about her journey and her experience as an apprentice […]

Saahil Sharma

Saahil Sharma

My name is Saahil Sharma and I am in my third year at Aston University studying Business Computing and IT.  I chose to do an internship in digital marketing mainly because I wanted an industry that ultimately linked the business and the computing together.  I studied several digital marketing modules during my early years at University and […]

Tangi Coatanea

Work Experience

Tangi Coatanea shared his thoughts on completion of her work experience with Transputec: I joined Transputec as an intern in 2018. During the internship I mostly did testing for the development department while I did get some opportunities doing some development on a couple of projects. At the end of my internship I was offered […]

Samuel Pesole

samuel pesole awards

Roberto Pulieri & Samuel Pesole shared their thoughts on completion of their work experience with Transputec: Roberto and Samuel came from Italy to complete an internship with Transputec. They are both interested in computer science and are currently studying at University. Roberto and Samuel both spent time with our development team mainly focusing on software […]