Technology Products 2

Technology Products 2 (TP2) offers customers a flexible and compliant route to market for all their commodity technology product needs; whether it is a single cable or entire corporate infrastructure.

TP2 has been redesigned and restructured in line with buyer and supplier needs.

Transputec Limited is on Lot 1 and a named fulfilment partner for Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer and Samsung, Cisco, Apple, Juniper, HDS, Nettapp, Dell, EMC, Hitachi, IBM and Lot 6.

Recognition as a TP2 technology products supplier means that those within the public sector will benefit from Transputec’s expert advice when it comes to purchasing commodity technology goods and services. Transputec is a leading IT reseller of technology and related products and associated support services.

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Meet our Team

We have a dedicated team set up to deal with all TP2 enquiries and requirements. The team can be contacted at

The team are here to help and assist with any requirements from Lot 1 and Lot 6. You will be assured of a quick, helpful and friendly response by the team from initial request through to delivery. We will work closely with you to make sure all your expectations are exceeded.

To discuss your requirement and obtain pricing, contact your account manager, submit an enquiry through the form below or call us on 0208 584 1400 option 1.

Tamara Sibela


I love working with people and I am only happy when they are happy with my service.

TP2 Account Manager

Julija Gorickaja


My team and I am happy to advise you and undertake research for you to ensure you get the right solution. You are guaranteed a quick response from me.

TP2 Team Leader

Tej Thandi


With over 10 years' of experience in the IT sector I enjoy translating complex technology for my clients with a human touch.

TP2 Products Specialist

What is Technology Products 2

The Technology Products 2 agreement is for the supply of commodity technology goods and/or closely-related services for use by UK public sector organisations. It replaces Technology Products (RM1054), which expired on 16 November 2016. The new agreement went live on 31 October 2016.

The agreement is available to all UK public sector bodies including government and the wider public sector, social housing organisations, voluntary and community sector bodies, Education and NHS.

There are 36 suppliers on the agreement across 4 lots:

  • Lot 1: Technology Hardware
  • Lot 2: Software
  • Lot 3: Hardware & Software
  • Lot 6: Technology Catalogue

Transputec Limited is on Lot 1 and a named fulfilment partner for Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer and Samsung, Cisco, Apple, Juniper, HDS, Nettapp, Dell, EMC, Hitachi, IBM and Lot 6.

Lot 1 - Hardware

Lot 1 is for customers looking to purchase IT hardware and peripherals including but not limited to: PCs, laptops, keyboards, servers, audio-visual equipment, network infrastructure equipment and peripherals/accessories. Operating systems and utility software is included as part of a standard Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product offering. Factory/reseller software builds are also included in this Lot when purchased alongside/installed on the associated hardware. A range of close-to-the-box services are allowable, including image load, asset tagging, delivery, installation, configuration, user handover, removal of packaging and disposal of old equipment.

Lot 6 - Catalogue

This Lot offers an extensive range of hardware and software products through Crown Commercial Service’s new online catalogue, with direct award to lowest cost supplier. The online catalogue is expected to go live shortly.

Using the online catalogue platform, this Lot offers a best of breed approach to product information, search, selection and purchasing.

Additional Information

Customers wishing to purchase from Transputec Limited under the Technology Products 2 (RM3733) Agreement should take note of the following:

  • Before using this Crown Commercial Service Framework Agreement, customers must have already registered on the Government Procurement website:
  • Customers must accept the framework terms and conditions as per the Crown Commercial Service Guidance Notes for this framework.