Health & Wellness Event – Social Media

Health & Wellness Event - Social Media

May 2022

The health and wellbeing of our staff is vital to our success at Transputec. The global pandemic has made it difficult for us to always keep touch with the health and wellbeing of our teams as we normally would, and has raised new challenges for people regarding work-life balance, comfortable working environments, and team belonging.

As the world is slowly coming out of the pandemic, we wanted to give back to our teams, and have an event that could address some of these challenges, so we decided to once again (second year running) hold our Health and Wellness event albeit staff have options to either join virtually or in person at our head office in Wembley. Our staff really appreciated the choice and flexibility and it truly solidified Transputec’s commitment to our staff, to provide a healthy and enjoyable working environment wherever they may be in the world.