Transputec supports a 5 km Run/Walk campaign in Hyde Park, sponsoring of International widows’ day

London, June 23, 2013 – Team Transputec attended the 5 km run / walk to celebrate the Loomba foundation’s annual international widow day in Hyde Park. The purpose of this event was to raise funds for widows in India, Guatemala and Malawi. This occasion allowed the involved parties to not only share each other’s experiences but also put their hands together as a team.

Despite the unseasonable weather conditions, sprits remained high and energetic. A thousand runners and walkers showed their endless motivation and enthusiasm. Volunteers were given the chance to socialise and give support to the millions of widows and their children.

Rickie Sehgal, Chairman of Transputec said, “Widows in these countries are often treated as third class citizens. They have endured tremendous hardship in their lives after having lost their husbands due to war, diseases or famine. This charity supports their journey for a more meaningful and integrated life.”

Amongst the crowd were the people of Somaliland who sought the opportunity to raise awareness about their culture. They distributed flyers and dressed in their traditional attire and also joined in the charitable event. The race was started by the ex-prime minister’s wife Cherie Blair who is also president of the Loomba Foundation. She gave a brief speech thanking the attendees and expressed her gratitude. Her presence boosted moral and had a positive impact on the importance of the cause.

Transputec is an award-winning IT Services Company and market leader in the technology industry with more than 25 years of IT innovation and excellent customer service. Transputec holds the highest level of accreditation with most market leading technology vendors and is well-established as the preferred IT partner within many industries.

The Loomba Foundation is a non-profit, UN accredited, international NGO – we help widows and their children regardless of race, gender or religion. Our aim is to eradicate cultural discrimination against widows, lobby governments to give widow their due pensions and rightful inheritances, empower widows through employment opportunities

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